Making Money By Affiliate Marketing–Earn $100,000+ A Year!

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing $100,000+When people find out that I’m making money by affiliate marketing, I get a lot of questions. One of the most common is “Can you really make a lot of money that way?” The answer is Yes!

Now, “a lot of money” is definitely subjective, and if you ask 10 people how much that is, you’ll probably get 10 different answers. But I think that most would agree that if they could make $100,000 a year or more working at home with affiliate marketing, they would say they’re making a lot of money!

While I haven’t reached that goal yet with my online business, I know that with my hard work, time, and the training I receive at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll definitely get there. How can I be so sure? Because every day I learn and get advice from those who are making that kind of income from affiliate marketing!

Success Stories For Motivation

One of the wonderful benefits of WA is their online community of marketers. These marketers are from all stages of creating their businesses. There are beginners who have little to no knowledge at all, intermediates who have created their websites and are watching them grow and become more profitable every day (that’s me!), and the experts who are making a full time income.Jubilant man on top of a mountain

Every member has a personal blog that they can use to share anything they’d like with the community. Many members share their successes, small or large, with the community as a way to encourage others and help them stay motivated.

These success stories were a blessing for me during the months when I was building my websites and not making any money. No matter how many times you tell yourself that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it can be hard to stay motivated sometimes!

The first few months you put in a lot of work without getting any earnings, and that’s normal.  But a lot of people quit during the first 6 months because they don’t see the results they want. In fact, I wrote a blog post detailing a realistic timeline which you can read at How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing?

But the earnings stories that are shared with the Wealthy Affiliate community are truly inspiring and show everyone that if you follow the training and make the commitment to do the work, the sky’s the limit!

So I want to introduce you to 3 successful online marketers who have reached that $100,000 mark in 2018 in the hope that you’ll see what’s possible for you too!

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Marketer Officially Hit 6 Figures In 2018!

Ralph has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since September 2016, and when his business made over $100,000, he wanted others to know if he could do it, they could too! I love this quote from his blog:

“But man great things in this world started with just a dream. If you have the desire and determination, unless you quit, I see no reason why you can’t reach your goals.”

You can read his inspiring earnings report and see how he did it by clicking below:

Officially a 6 Figure Business–2018 Year End Report

This Marketer Earned Over $100,000 Part Time!

Eddy has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2007 and works on his websites part time since he still has a full time job. He’s a great inspiration to show people how to work your butt off, then use part of your earnings to outsource and expand your business! My favorite quote from his blog:

“The only difference between people who are successful and those who are not is that successful people continue to try when others call it quits.”

You can read about his results below:

My Blogs Earned Over $100,000 Part-Time in 2018

Experienced Marketer Shares His Tips And Income Projections5 hands coming together in unison

Nathaniell has been a Wealthy Affiliate member since 2010, has websites in several niches, and regularly shares his knowledge and tips for other members benefit! He shared his 2019 income projections for a site he created in 2015, and it shows how it’s progressed at the same time every year in visitors and earnings!

“I can also see that I’m well on my way to earning six figures from this side-project website in the next year if I stick to what’s working. Exciting!”

You can read his wonderful post below:

2019 Income Projections

Anyone Can Make A 6 Figure Income With Affiliate Marketing!

Hopefully you can see that if you want to work from home and be financially independent, starting an online affiliate marketing business could be just what you’re looking for. If these marketers can do it, so can you!

The comprehensive training, first-class website hosting, and a wonderful community are just waiting for you at Wealthy Affiliate. The best part? Their starter program is absolutely free–no credit card required! Start your business today and see how easy it is to create your first website below!


I'm Janelle, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of 5 angels (most of the time)! I started as a way to show how anyone can become financially independent and retire early. As I build out this site, I hope you'll comment and share your experiences as well. Good luck in all your endeavors, and may your success start now!

26 Replies to “Making Money By Affiliate Marketing–Earn $100,000+ A Year!”

  1. I will usually get the same responses you do when I mention to my family and friends of what I am doing. I think Wealthy Affiliate is truly an amazing community full of people who love to help others. I have had nothing but positive experiences while being here! This was a very inspiring article you posted and I loved reading it! Thank you for providing such rewarding success stories!

    1. You’re welcome!  Stories like these are what I read to motivate myself to keep working hard on my websites.  I’m not at 6 figures a year yet, but I know that I can get there with Wealthy Affiliate and their wonderful community!

  2. These are some great examples of people making affiliate marketing work for them. I am trying to get a website up and with some articles and seeing people succeeding is inspiring. Making six figures part time is my eventual goal since I am still working my job also. Wealthy Affiliates is a nice and helpful community. Everyone there seems willing to help out and offer encouragement. 

    1. Helping each other and offering encouragement is exactly the atmosphere at Wealthy Affiliate!  That’s why so many experienced marketers share their success stories to motivate others.  They’ve been in their shoes and know how hard it can be to stick with it sometimes–especially if you’re not seeing results as fast as you’d like.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


  3. Great post. Lots of information and examples of others who have made a lot of money via Affiliate Marketing and particularly using Wealthy Affiliate. I work full time so it was great to read about Eddy who works full time and still manages to make $100,000 working on his sites part time. It will be exciting to follow your journey. All the best for 2019. Happy earning! 🙂

  4. With the superior training and experienced trainers at Wealthy Affiliate, financial freedom is very possible. Not only can you see the evidence through videos, but we read posts for ourselves of various successful marketers who have tasted financial freedom within a short period of the second year before completing their training. The educational facilities and the encouragement received from senior trainees is awesome. The whole community of Wealthy Affiliate’s desire is to ensure that each trainee receives his financial freedom according to his/her own goals. This is where some women have really championed over affiliate marking and have beaten some men in this race. For instance, Littlemama, has been recognized by Kyle, the co-founder as the super affiliate and attended the all paid for conference in las Vegas.

    In my opinion, many super affiliate churned out by Wealthy Affiliate are on their way to becoming millionaires of this world. Those people who join Wealthy Affiliate in their teens are confident of becoming millionaires by 25 years of age. Awesome. Keep it up Wealthy Affiliate. 

    1. Littlemama has been a great inspiration for me, and she’s always willing to share her tips and how she became successful with others.  That community spirit where everyone encourages and supports each other to succeed is one of Wealthy Affiliate’s best features!

      There’s definitely millionaires in the making who learned everything about making money online from WA’s training and then worked their butts off.  Knowledge and a strong work ethic is the combination that works!

  5. Nice article there making money by affiliate marketing……you really did a good job by putting all this write up together. 

    let me start by saying there is slot of money to be generated through online affiliate marketing but all the success of it depends on individual effort that is been put in place to achieve success.and the best place to learn how to become a successful online affiliate marketer is wealthy affiliate where all the learning tools you need is available with step to step guide on how to use it when without having the basic knowledge before.but there is always a con which is wealthy affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme

    1. You’re exactly right!  The success someone will achieve with affiliate marketing will be based on how much effort they put into it.  If they want to get rich quick and give up without putting much work into it, they won’t make money.  But learning through WA and doing the hard work will get you there–everyone making over $100,000 a year now started in the same place!

  6. I want to appreciate you for another informative article on all the advantages offered by Wealthy Affiliate.From my personal experience  I would like to add that the cost of premium membership is offset by the money you save from web hosting, which if you have several websites hosted elsewhere can amount to a large sum.At Wealthy Affiliate you get hosting of up to 25 websites for the single monthly premium cost.

    I have been on the platform for the past two months and I have never regretted my actions

    1. The hosting cost for websites can definitely get expensive, especially when you add in all the features you need to keep your site secure and functioning properly.  It’s absolutely amazing what you get from WA for $49 a month–so glad to hear you are doing great on the platform!

  7. I joined wealthy affiliate because I understood the opportunities and the money one can gain from the platform. The platform offers in-depth tutorials and trainings on how to rise from a novice to a professional affiliate marketer earning in six figures. It’s a perfect way to plan your life and live it solely on your own terms instead of waiting for an employer to pay you stipends every month. A friend of mine who was working as a teacher in school earning just $100 a month resigned and joined WA. The journey at the beginning was not smooth but he persevered and kept pressing on. Now he’s earning over $6000 every MONTH. 

    I know my sucees story is still on it way. 



    1. Thank you so much for sharing your friend’s success story!  He is a perfect example of someone who put in the hard work, didn’t give up when results didn’t come right away, and now has a wonderful online business.  

      Your success will come, and I hope you come back with an update to share with us when it does!

  8. Hi Janelle

    Finally, a review about WA (or even affiliate marketing) with genuine, unique content. I’ve reviewed so many that are regurgitations of the original site’s contents. First, you actually seem interested in promoting WA positively (not just bashing another ‘provider’, whether they are a scam or not).

    I really like the link to the realistic timeline. This actually helped me. I’ve been trying to build content (my niche is fairly labor intensive), but I’m making progress. And this actually helped me to settle down and organize before I just get completely overwhelmed with an unrealistic goal.

    You know how it is, goal is HUGE and fast progress, and when that initial passion started to fade, it’s daunting. Then you have the epiphany, content is building and you’re starting to see your website coming to life (even without the money ‘rolling’ in). But that’s what’s getting me over the hump.

    Thanks for the article.

    Cheers and continued good luck.


    1. I definitely know how it is!  You first start out with all this enthusiasm and wanting to see your business and profits grow fast, but after a few months, your website is growing but you’re not seeing those results.

      I went through that phase and am so glad that I had the community from WA to keep my expectations realistic and help me understand search engine algorithms.  After about 7 months, I saw the traffic start to climb and within a couple of months, the profits started to as well.  But I may have given up without the encouragement and knowledge I needed to keep going!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and good luck!

  9. I just recently joined the wealthy affiliate community and your post is sure serving the purpose of encouraging me and keeping me motivated. 

    Just now, I got some sad and back tracking results from my hardwork, trying to get approved comments. But your post has perked me up and put me back on track. Now I look forward to working harder and being very successful at the wealthy affiliate. 

    Thanks for that. 

    1. I’m so glad it helped!  Whenever you feel your motivation slipping, read the success stories of others, and there are so many of them on the WA platform.  Everyone who is making money now started where you are, and the difference between them and those who have failed is that they worked harder instead of giving up.

      I know you can do it–I wish you every success!

  10. Hello Janelle,

    I joined WA a few weeks ago. It is really a tough time for me. When I find articles on the inspirational success stories of WA, it motivates me not to quit and move on. All the members of WA are of great help. Thank you so much for an insightful article.



  11. Quite an encouraging and inspire post. It’s easy to give up on making money by affiliate marketing ,especially when it going on 6months to one year and still no show. I’m glad I read this at this stage of my journey, it’s given me a mindset that will continue to put in the work until I see a result such as these people have seen. If they can tell success stories, I too believe I can and I Must motivated and inspired to keep on with it. Thanks so much. 

    1. I am so glad you found it inspiring–every one of those marketers helped keep me motivated, and I’m happy to pass their stories on so others can see what’s possible too!

  12. Been an online entrepreneur is no easy task. One reason a lot of people quit within a year is that they set unrealistic goals and they give themselves a very short period of time to reach those goals. What they fail to understand is that it just doesn’t work that way.

    Making money online is no easy task and actually requires dedication before it becomes a success. This is really one reason why I like wealthy affiliate because a lot of the time you would get motivating messages that would make you reaffirm your goals and would actually give you strength to keep on going.

    To succeed in the online world, you need these motivations because it is not easy working for a year without making many sales. You definitley need these motivations.

    1. I totally agree with everything you said!  A lot of people start with the wrong expectation of how much time and effort they need to actually get the results they’re looking for.  You definitely have the right mindset for success!

  13. Affiliate Marketing is definitely a slow and steady  long term kinda of work. Once done right, you can begin resting while all your hard work, consistency and dedication starts to pay off. It’s always good to find genuine programs that can help with achieving this dream to work from home while making enough to live comfortably. The Evergreen Academy trainings seem to touch on another important aspect of bringing in traffic and it sounds legitimate. I would love to give it a try. 

    1. I’ve never heard of The Evergreen Academy, but I’m always looks for a good program to promote–I’ll have to look it up!

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