Make Money Online Fast–Beware Of The Scams!

Make Money Online FastHow many of you are here because you have a desire to make money online? Not only to make money, but how many of you want to make money online fast? Well, if that’s you, I understand because that’s where I was a few years ago.

Unfortunately, my desire to be at home with my children made me believe that I could start earning lots of money right away. Why? Because there were a lot of programs out there telling me that I could! A few thousand dollars later, and I learned my lesson the hard way.

Let’s take a better look at scams and how to avoid them!

How People Get Lured Into Scams

Why do people fall for scams? Two reasons: scammers know exactly what you want to hear and people want to believe them. The basic rule of marketing is to find out what someone needs and convince them that you can meet that need!

What are some reasons that someone has a need to work from home? Here are a few:Why Do People Fall For Scams

  • Spend more time with their children or grandchildren
  • Get out of a job they hate
  • Supplement their income to pay bills, save for a house or car, build a retirement fund, etc.
  • Take care of a loved one at home, such as an elderly parent
  • Have unlimited earning potential
  • Be your own boss

When you look at these, they all have one thing in common–if someone could provide a method to meet their need to work at home, it would be life-changing for them! The more life-changing your need is, the more you want to believe someone when they tell you they can help you.

When I tried to start an online business several years ago, I was a single mom working a 12-hour swing shift job that demanded a lot of overtime. My kids were in elementary school and middle school and stayed with my parents a lot. There were many times that I only got to see them an hour or so a day and sometimes not at all.

Start an Online BusinessI was desperate to be there for my kids more! So every time I heard a story about someone making a great living working at home on their computer, I knew that was what I wanted to do.

I did a lot of research, and of course, there were programs everywhere that showed people who were supposedly making thousands of dollars every month working part-time. I believed the hype, bought one, and in the end, wound up in worse shape than when I started!

Get-Rich-Quick Doesn’t Work

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it”– Thomas Jefferson

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” – David Bly

Dreams Don't Work Unless You DoYou’ve probably heard of at least one of these quotes, and there’s a reason they’ve stayed around so long–because they’re so true! There are get-rich-quick schemes out there everywhere, but the ones buying them aren’t the ones getting rich.

I think one of the reasons that online scams are so prevalent is that every day there’s something new and wonderful that technology can accomplish. So it seems reasonable to believe that all these programs designed to make you money could actually work. It also seems reasonable that the owners of these programs would want you to pay for their inventions.

But there are so many scams out there that the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Information site has an entire section devoted to work-at-home scams.  So if you’ve fallen victim to one of them, you’re not alone.

So how can you tell if a website or program on the internet is legitimate or not?  Let’s check out the warning signs you need to look for!

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Warning Signs of a Possible Scam

Here’s some general things to watch out for when searching online:

  • Asking for personal information–Asking for your name or email address to sign you up for a site’s newsletter or to send you more information is a very common marketing strategy. But asking for your social security number, a credit card number, usernames, passwords or any other personal information that could be used to access your accounts is not. If someone requests this information, don’t give it out and assume it’s  a scam! 
  • Promises of easy money or enormous wealth–No legitimate program will make promises that you will make fast, easy money. Nobody sells a system that will make you thousands of dollars a month while you work an hour a day sitting on the beach. If you had that system, would you be selling it to people for $49? $97? Of course not, you’d be using your system making the thousands of dollars every month! Don’t be swayed, remember “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!”Beware of Scams
  • Payment upfront without real knowledge–Have you ever watched a video to find out what a program offers, only to see nothing but people telling you how wealthy they are? Then they offer you some general overview about how you’ll get lessons and then their system does it all for you! Do you really know what you are buying? What will you be selling? Once you pay the upfront money, how much more money will you have to pay? How does their system work? Can you use their system to promote anything or just sell their system to someone else? If you don’t have good answers to those questions, there’s a good possibility you’re looking at a scam.
  • Pressure to buy now–You’re reading through the information on a program and start seeing high pressure tactics that you need to sign up fast. Any legitimate program will have their membership available to you whenever you are ready because they are confident in the value they are offering. They don’t need to tell you that you have to buy today because the price is going up soon! Or hurry up and purchase now before they close the opportunity to new members!
  • How is the program owner making money?–I researched a platform that promised it had a software program for affiliate marketers promoting the latest products. By entering a few details, it would create a landing page that would get you to the top of the search engines. They promised you could make thousands, it only cost $7, and you would get $70,000 in free bonuses! So after developing this genius program, how exactly was the owner making money? According to the official website, he just wanted to help people become a success! In reality, it was from selling a program that had little chance of making anybody any money and all the upsells that followed.

No matter how good something sounds or how much you want to believe that it will make your goal of an online business a reality, you have to look at it with a critical eye. Trust me, it could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

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Characteristics of Legitimate Opportunities

In addition to spotting the things that could signal a scam, it’s also helpful to know what attributes you should look for to see if a program is legitimate. Here are a few that give me the confidence to look into it further:

  • Real Information about the program’s featuresYou get specific information about what you are getting with their platform, not a series of testimonials from people about how much money they’ve made. The features of the program stand on their own merit.Legitimate Opportunities
  • A free trial period–Any legitimate program will have a trial period where you can experience what they have to offer. They don’t need money upfront in order to show you any real details, and they know how much value a customer will find by trying out their system.
  • No promises of easy money–They don’t need to lure people in by waving a carrot of huge dollar signs around. Legitimate sites will tell you that it will take effort, commitment, and hard work to make any online business successful.
  • No high pressure selling–There will be plenty of time to look a program over and ask questions. Whether you want to join that day or come back for another look a week later, the features and price will be the same.

So Can You Make Money Online Fast?

If you want to create a successful online business and earn reliable, sustainable income every month, you’re not going to do it fast. But avoiding scams and finding a legitimate program can start your home based business out on the right foot.

If you want to check out the totally legitimate program where I learned to make money online, you can do it completely free of charge–no credit card is required with their starter membership.  This membership does not even have a trial limit, you can stay on it indefinitely!

You’ll be able to create 2 free websites, receive training, and have access to their active community of marketers who are ready to help you become successful.

If you decide that you want to continue by owning your own domains, creating up to 50 websites, and having full access to everything they offer, you can join their premium membership for just $49 per month.  The value is incredible when compared with other platforms out there!

You can read my full review here and see if it’s for you!  If you have any experiences to share or questions, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

I'm Janelle, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of 5 angels (most of the time)! I started as a way to show how anyone can become financially independent and retire early. As I build out this site, I hope you'll comment and share your experiences as well. Good luck in all your endeavors, and may your success start now!

27 Replies to “Make Money Online Fast–Beware Of The Scams!”

  1. Haha, when I first did a google search on how to make money online, around 5 years ago, I started my journey of going through countless of scams before actually finding anything legit. I guess it’s easier to just make up some story, show some big numbers and fake testimonials, and the sell it to people, instead of actually making something legit that could help people. Well, at least after getting scammed numerous times, you get that immunity to these scams and you’re able to spot them miles away.

    1. You are exactly right!  There are still countless scams out there, but you don’t realize it until you’re caught up in one.  I hope my tips will help keep someone away from the false get-rich-quick schemes and into a great program that will help them build their business! 

  2. Great website and great content. I’ve run into so many scams I can’t even remember them all. It seems everyone is looking for a way to snatch up someone else’s hard earned money. Thank you for the great advice and great content. This is the sort of website we need to pay attention to before we get ourselves in trouble. Thank you!!! Please, keep it coming!!!

    1. Thank you and I will!  I want to make everyone as aware as they can be when searching for online money making opportunities so they don’t waste thousands of dollars like I did.  Too many people making money off of those who just want to earn a living and spend more time with their families.

  3. Hi Jannelle

    I can relate to a lot of what is stated in this article and I too went through the same process. I so easily deceived and actually thought that making money online was as easy as putting up a simple website. These unethical marketers never tell you the true reality until you have paid them upfront and then they tell you ‘oh its actually not that simple but if you pay me a bit more, I will reveal the true secrets’ and then you are upsold a million times until they have bled you dry. Okay, the last part is bit of an exaggeration, but you do have to be wary of them and their persuasive marketing. I sometimes wish these marketers were more closely regulated, then there wouldn’t so many scams around.

    1. Unfortunately, being bled dry is not an exaggeration for some people.  By the time they are convinced to buy the program and the upsells, and then they follow their advice for paid traffic methods and subscriptions, people can be out thousands and thousands of dollars.  They pay it out because they’re convinced by the sales hype that they can make hundreds of thousands a year and get that money back.

      These types of programs should be regulated more.  But the problem lies in the fact that it’s so easy to shut down one site and then start it up again under a new name.  Even though I see low quality and scam type programs all the time, it’s still hard to wrap my head around the fact that it’s so easy to get away with making grossly false statements online.

      Luckily, I think a lot more people are doing research and reading reviews before buying nowadays.  So they can make better informed decisions and avoid these types of programs.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  4. Great article as ever Janelle. It’s true, many people are falling in the wrong hands when looking for opportunities online because they want that cash as fast as yesterday. Little is known that the online world works the same as the offline world. Gone are the days of Moses and Aron when wealthy could come from the East, nowadays, you have to work, whether online or offline, working for money remains the same. You have to sweat, nothing will come in a silver platter .

    Thank you for great tips 

    1. You’re exactly right!  Creating consistent, long-term income online is the same as any business–it takes time and effort.  No one would think twice if someone told them that it would take a year or more to be profitable if they started a brick and mortar store.  But with an online business, it can take the same amount of time.  

      The benefits are that you can work from home in your spare time and it costs very little to get started.  So if you go into it with the right mindset and a legitimate program, you’ve got a great chance of being successful!

  5. I must say that your article is very informative and helpful. I would like to read this many years ago when I was scammed so many times by many programs and platforms promising millions in short period of time. I think that this topic will greatly help new online workers who want to earn cash online.

    1. I hope you’re right!  More and more people are doing internet research before buying make-money-online programs.  So if they read reviews, they can get a better idea of how legitimate a program is and make a good buying decision.

  6. I love this post! There are so many websites out there that profess there way of making money as the FASTEST and EASIEST way to make money online. I tried a couple of these and found out the hard way as well that this way doesn’t exist. To be honest with you I’m happy its not this way. Through some trial and error, I’ve found I much prefer the working hard aspect of making an income online. It’s far more rewarding and the knowledge you pick up is indispensable. So what exactly is affiliate marketing and why do you prefer it over other ways of making money online? Is it a way that will be in parallel with the integrity and values I strive to uphold? 

    1. Affiliate marketing is definitely a legitimate way to make money online, and can be very lucrative.  With affiliate marketing you choose a niche and create a website.  Then you write content in the form of posts that inform and educate people about topics within your niche.  

      In these posts you’ll review and promote products and provide links where your visitors can go to purchase the items.  If they do buy something, the merchant pays you a commission.  The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make money with any niche.  So you can choose one that is near and dear to your heart or anything that you enjoy!

  7. Hi Janelle,

    You article is an eye opener. I also been scammed by rich-quick scheme before. And you are right, there is no such thing as quick money. I really like the quoted phrase from Thomas J., I think I will incorporate those words to my system. And hope I could gain success in life. 

    In your blog, it is obvious that Get-Rich Scheme is a scam based on what you have listed. But, why are still many people fall into their traps?   

    1. I think that so many people are inexperienced and naive when it comes to how to make money online.  When you combine that with a desire, and sometimes desperation, to work from home, scammers have an audience to target who want to believe what they say.  

  8. Hi, Janelle.

    As you know, or have learned, there is no way that one can make money online fast. I too, am one of those that learned ‘The Hard Way’ through trial, error and lost money.

    What a refreshing post you have shared. Thank you for making us aware of how people get lured into scams and for providing  the ‘Warning signs’ as they relate to these possible scams.

    The link to The Federal Trade Commission was very helpful also.

    As we learn more and more that “Get Rich Quick” just does not work, I’d like to thank you also for including some characteristics to look for when seeking out legitimate opportunities.

    Another area where scams are running rampant have to do not with product scams or push button technologies, but rather Pyramid and Ponzi Schemes. I like to call them ‘Flimflam’ games.

    John Kenneth Galbraith once observed that “…the man who is admired for the ingenuity of his larceny is almost always rediscovering some earlier form of fraud.”

    Although the details may vary, all ‘flimflam’ games rely on their ability to make a lie look like the truth. Even MLM (MultiLevel Marketing) and Network Marketing has evolved now into nothing more that just that…a flimflam game.

    Do you have any experience with MLM, Network Marketing, Pyramid and Ponzi schemes and if so, would you share your thoughts (in a future post or in the comments here) on why so many people keep gravitating back to these schemes even after they have been fleeced over and over again like good sheep by the ‘Ponzi’ Wizards as I call them?

    Your writing style is addictive to read and I would really value your thoughts on the type of human behavior of which I speak.

    I really enjoyed visiting your site and look forward to learning much much more as your site builds out.

    Nicely done.

    Regards from Canada.

    Paul Mindra.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m glad you found my post helpful!  

      I’ve reviewed a couple of MLM and Ponzi type programs and have not recommended any of them.  There are a lot of people who try program after program, like you said, and lose money with each one of them.  I think part of the reason is because of 2 things:

      1.  These people are inexperienced and naive, and a lot of the programs appear to have information that looks professional and comprehensive.  When they lose money, they think it’s because they didn’t do a good enough job or somehow it’s their fault.  When you’re experienced, you can see that the information is general or poor quality and realize that it isn’t going to produce the results claimed.

      2.  I also think a lot of people want to believe that there’s a program out there that can solve their problems and help them make a lot of money online.  They hear stories about people who’ve done it and believe the marketing hype that’s designed to hit all the right buttons.  

      The creators of these scams are very good at knowing what to say to reel in their target audience.  When I lost money years ago, I was totally convinced that the program was going to be the best thing that ever happened to us.  So much so, in fact, that I kept putting more and more money into it to get it to work.  Now I can look back and wonder why I ever believed it could be successful at all!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

      1. Hi, Janelle.
        Thank you for your reply to my comment made earlier.

        I would agree with the reasons you provide for those that try program after program in search of the ‘Holy Grail’ so to speak. It’s almost like the ‘Lottery’ mentality.

        I came across a couple of Youtube videos that I thought you and your readers might enjoy.

        The first addresses ‘product launches’ and push button technologies organized by a ‘cartel’ of professionals in this arena.

        The other is a satirical look at MLM’s.

        Keep up your great efforts in educating people about some of the dangers on the Internet.

        Kindest regards,

  9. I was lucky to find things that worked for me after some searching, but I feel terrible for everyone who gets pulled into programs that are so expensive and offer nothing. It’s really unfortunate. That’s why I’m super thankful for people like you who write about the things to avoid. Your recommendations are spot on as always.

    1. Creators of these scams prey on people who are naive, and sometimes desperate.  With enough knowledge, hopefully they’ll be able to spot scams and identify legitimate opportunities when they come!

  10. Thanks for this article! There are so many scams out there it can definitely be difficult to sort through them all and figure out which programs and such are legit. So thank you for creating articles like this to help people steer clear of scams. What would you say the biggest sign of an online scam is?

    1. The biggest sign for me is the outlandish income claims while doing very little work. “Make $5000 a week working only 30 minutes a day!!”  Anything like that is a surefire sign of a program you want to stay away from!

  11. I like you subject and the website.  I also like that you confronted the subject of scams.  Scams are so real in this day and age.  I like that you actually give points to watch out for scams and find real opportunities.  Great job.

    Thanks for the information, and I’ll be coming back to your site more often!

  12. Hi Janelle

    i really understand everything about scammers just before i joined WA i was approached by a so-called company i had said no to them they give you so much garbage to read say there is nothing to pay out but that was a lie i told them this as well you say there is no payments upfront but they ask for 12.000 pound i told them they are a joke and should not be allowed to even advertise.  There is a guy who introduced me to WA i really appreciate this greatly.

     I had a call back last year from this guy i knew this was a scammer i investigated and kept all the emails informed the man who he was making out to be now i am ready to take it to the police with the information but i also have the contact information and informed them what was happening.

    Thankyouu for sharing it is a fabulous post

    1. That’s great that you were able to give information to the police to help stop this guy.  Glad you had great instincts and told him no!

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