A work at home online business would be a dream come true for many people–I’m one of them and loving every minute of it!

But a lot of people know they could make money online, and yet still don’t pursue it. Why do you think that is?

I think the main reason is that they don’t fully realize just how life changing it can be for them and for their families to work from home.

If that’s you, keep reading to see all the benefits you can get from a work at home online business!

Being Your Own Boss

A bossHave you ever worked for a boss who is negative? incompetent? uncaring? inefficient at setting expectations?

I think most of us have had the experience of dealing with a boss who is difficult to some degree. Even if your boss is fantastic, there are still times when it’s frustrating to always be accountable to someone else.

With your own online business, you get to be your own boss! You set your own priorities in terms of what tasks you’re going to do and how much time you are going to devote to them.

One of my favorite benefits of being your own boss is that you get to decide what your business standards are.

Years ago I took a job as a front desk clerk at a hotel in our town. While I loved my duties and interacting with the hotel guests, the manager was immature and incompetent.

She didn’t hold employees accountable for getting their work done or for coming into work on time, wasn’t knowledgeable enough to address system problems, and actually had employees lying to higher ups to cover for her.

Needless to say, employee turnover was high and morale and teamwork were low. No matter what an employee did to make things better, it could only be as effective as management allowed.

But with your own online business, no one can hold you back. You set the standards, you set the priorities, and you hold yourself accountable to get the work done!

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Conveniences Of Working At Home

Working on laptop outside

Do you spend 30 minutes or more commuting back and forth to your job? Do you miss your kid’s sporting and school events because you have to be at work?

When you work at home, your daily commute is as simple as the walk from your coffee pot to your laptop!

If it’s a beautiful day outside, you can choose to sit on the patio or relax on the porch. You can work on your online business anywhere you can take your laptop and have an internet connection.

There’s no problem getting to all your kid’s activities because you can work around them. You’re also available if you have sick kids, and you don’t have to worry about your attendance record because you need to stay home to take care of them.

Are you a night owl who works best after everyone else is in bed? No problem, you set whatever schedule works for you!

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Money Saving Benefits

A work from home business also has great money saving benefits!

The most obvious one is a much lower gas expense for your car since you won’t be commuting to a job any longer. But the gas isn’t the only benefit.Putting coin in a piggy bank

You’ll also save on maintenance costs that can be done less frequently, such as changing the oil and replacing tires–not to mention replacing the car less often!

Many insurance companies also offer a discount on premiums for cars that have low miles driven every year.

Another way you may save money is with your wardrobe. You’ll no longer need to buy business suits or uniforms, or pay dry cleaning bills to keep them looking good!

How much money do you spend on food at work? If you eat out or buy lunch at a cafeteria, it can add up to a pretty good size expense each month.

Working at home allows you to make inexpensive lunches at home that are likely to be more nutritious as well.

So think about the money that you spend each month just to be able to work at your job. You may find a lot more money saving benefits than you think if you started your own work at home business!

Less Stress!

StressI’ve definitely found that there is less stress when you work at home with an online business.

How many times have you walked into work in a foul mood after dealing with bumper to bumper traffic or because you’re late trying to get through the 6″ of snow that fell the night before?

Then you’re dealing with deadlines, meetings, co-workers, equipment and system breakdowns, taking work home with you, and any number of other issues that can cause stress.

With a work at home online business, you won’t be dealing with these type of stresses because you are in control of your business–your job is no longer in control of you!

Unlimited Income Potential

But the best part about becoming an online business entrepreneur is that your income potential is literally unlimited!

Dollar SignsWhen you work at a job, your income is based upon what your employer is willing to pay you and how many hours you’re allowed to work. If you want to earn more money, you have to spend more time away from your family to get a second job.

But with an online business, the amount of money you can earn is determined by how much hard work and commitment you’re willing to put into it. Your own productivity will be the factor that determines your success–no one else.

So once you get your business profitable, you can scale it to make as much money as you want!

There are various business models you can choose, but my favorite is Affiliate Marketing. Not only can you earn a full time income, but content that you post to your website today can make you money for years to come.

Another great benefit is that your business is running 24/7–you’re making money even when you’re asleep!

There are many affiliate marketers making $100,000+ every year. Most of them had no experience when they started, just a drive and determination to make their living working from home.

They found a legitimate program to learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer and were committed to making it work.

The best program that I’ve found anywhere is my #1 recommendation, and it’s where I currently host 6 websites as part of my online business.

They offer a starter program that’s completely free–no credit required–and you can check out their step-by-step lessons and awesome community of marketers.

The program is Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s where I learned everything I know about making money online!

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Make Your Business Profitable In Your Spare Time

“But I don’t have time to start an online business!”

With a regular brick and mortar business, you need to be all in with your time and resources. But with an online business, you can work on it in your spare time while you still work a full time job!

When I first started affiliate marketing, I had a job, was helping to take care of my grandson, and had a 15 acre property to maintain with a husband who worked 50+ hours a week. Working on Laptop

But it was my dream to be able to work from home, so I created my first website and started the Wealthy Affiliate lessons in my spare time.

It was slow going at first, I was taking a lesson and writing about 1 post a week. But as I got comfortable writing and understanding how to create posts that would get ranked by the search engines, it became easier and easier.

I found that I really enjoyed the process because I had chosen a niche that I was very passionate about and interested in. After a few months, that one post a week became two and then three–and my site was starting to take off and make money!

I was able to work on getting my business profitable while still earning a salary from my job for as long as I needed to.

There are some Wealthy Affiliate members who are able to replace their full time income in just a few months. There are also many who make smaller consistent progress every day and take a couple of years before making significant income.

But that is the beauty of a work at home online business–your time, effort, and commitment are all in your control!

So how long should you expect it to take to start making money with affiliate marketing? You can check out the guideline in my video below:

Creating A Website Couldn’t Be Easier

Starting an online business requires you to have your own website. For many people, the thought of creating one is intimidating enough to keep them from pursuing their dream.

But today’s technology has made creating a website so easy that you can do it in less than 3 minutes! Check out the video below to see how anyone can start a powerful WordPress site with Wealthy Affiliate in no time:


With their world-class website hosting platform, you can set up 1 secure website with their starter program, and 10 with their premium membership–which is an awesome value!

You Can Start A Work At Home Online Business Today!

There has never been a time in history when it has been easier or have been more opportunities to work from home. Anyone can start an online business with terrific benefits for you and your family and limitless income potential

So no matter what your reason is for wanting to work from home, as long as you have the drive and determination, you can start making that dream come true today!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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