Wealthy Affiliate is my top-rated recommendation for anyone starting an online business. Their program specializes in affiliate marketing, and you get in-depth training on how to get traffic and build your business.

But a lot of their competition wants you to believe that the methods Wealthy Affiliate uses are outdated. They say that you don’t have to do so much work or spend so much time building your business.

Is that true? Are there better and faster methods to make money online? Does Wealthy Affiliate still work in 2020?

I review make-money-online (MMO) programs every week, and there’s a very good reason why Wealthy Affiliate is still my #1 recommendation–because it works!

What The Competition Offers

If you’ve ever done any research about how to make money online, you probably ran into programs that claim to teach you affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, most of them probably turned out to be poor quality get-rich-quick schemes and scams.

It seems like everybody wants to sell you their latest and greatest system that will make you thousands of dollars a day, and you barely have to do any work! They tell you they’ve found a loophole or secret and have developed a program that you can just put on autopilot and watch the money roll in.

These scams are successful in getting people to buy them because they tell people what they want to hear. People want to believe that they can make fast, easy money online with very little time and money invested.

These programs tell you that you don’t need to do any hard work at all. Most of them follow the same pattern:

  • You want traffic? Buy it with ads! (You can easily spend hundreds of dollars fast if you don’t know what you’re doing!)
  • You want free traffic? Just put links on social media or comment on other people’s blogs! (Most of what they recommend is spamming, and you usually get banned!)
  • Want to do email marketing? Just buy somebody else’s list and send out promotions! (How many of your emails wind up in the spam folder?)

What usually winds up happening is that you don’t make any money, or worse yet, you lose a lot of money trying to use all these paid methods to make the program work. Then many people try other programs with the same results or give up trying to make money online altogether!

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The Wealthy Affiliate Method

But Wealthy Affiliate is different. They don’t sugarcoat the fact that you have to do the work and there are no shortcuts! What they teach is that TIME + EFFORT + QUALITY CONTENT = SUCCE$$!

The owners, Kyle and Carson, are both successful affiliate marketers. They started the company as a keyword tool back in 2005, and it has developed into a world-class website hosting and training program with an awesome community forum.

Kyle and Carson know that most people who want to make money online are beginners looking for a way to start their business with little to no money. WA is dedicated to showing beginners how to build a solid online business that will draw organic traffic to their websites from the search engines for long-term, consistent income.

Their method is called SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization, and their program consists of 4 steps:

~ Step 1Choose an Interest

The first thing you do is decide what you want your website to be about–this is called a niche. It’s best to pick something you’re interested in or passionate about. Why? It’s much easier and more enjoyable to research and write about something you love!

Many MMO programs out there only teach you how to sell their product to other people. With Wealthy Affiliate, you pick any niche and promote any products you want to!

~ Step 2Build a Website

Sound complicated? It’s actually the easiest of the 4 steps! With Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a fully functional WordPress website with any theme you like in less than 3 minutes. Click on the image below to go to a lesson in WA and see a video of just how easy it is:

Create a website video image

~ Step 3Attract Visitors

Driving traffic to your site is what you’ll spend 90% of your time on, and this is where the time and effort come into play! In order to attract visitors you’ll need to have content on your site that people interested in your niche are looking for.

This content can be in the form of reviews, informative posts, guides, how-to articles, etc. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to write these posts using keywords that people type into search engines, like Google.

Keywords are the words or phrases that people enter into the search bar. The listing of websites in the search engine results are those that are most relevant to the keyword being searched for. Your goal is to have your website show up on the first page of Google, and WA will teach you how to get there!

A lot of programs out there will tell you that SEO is outdated and that you don’t need to write your own posts. Many of them recommend using PLR content–Private Label Rights.

PLR is articles that people have written and allow anyone to use them. You’re supposed to change them up and make them unique for your own site. But Google sees through this type of content and will usually penalize a site that doesn’t have original content.

SEO is a free method of driving traffic to your site, and there are members of Wealthy Affiliate that are earning 4 figure monthly incomes just from using this method. Take a look at this 2018 yearly update from Grace, aka Littlemama on WA:

~ Step 4Earn Revenue

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to start earning money by monetizing your site. You do this by signing up for affiliate programs and by running ads, like Google Adsense.

There are affiliate programs out there for every niche, so no matter what you chose, you’ll be able to monetize your site. One of the most popular affiliate programs is Amazon Affiliates, which has thousands of products to promote in any niche!

The fact is that the SEO techniques taught at Wealthy Affiliate will help you produce exactly the type of content that Google wants.  Relevant information with a great user experience–give that to the search engines, and you’ll make your way to the first page search results!

How Long Will It Take To Make Money?

It doesn’t make any difference what claims a program makes about how long it takes to make money–it will take time. The difference between Wealthy Affiliate and the other programs out there? If you stick with WA, you’ll have all the tools you need to actually make money!

Search engines like Google know that many websites get abandoned between 4 and 6 months old. The reason is that many people won’t stay committed to working on it longer than that without making significant money.

Since Google’s goal is to provide the most relevant search engine results from active authority websites, they don’t like to give good page rankings to sites that are under 6 months old. After that time, your site will start to rank better.

So you have to stick with it, keep adding content, and show Google that you’re serious about creating your authority website! For a good general timeline, you can read How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Wealthy Affiliate Is Still My #1 Choice For 2020

Don’t fall for the hype of get-rich-quick programs and scams. If you want to truly work at home and make money online, be willing to put in the time and effort now to be paid a very lucrative income later!

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Have you made money online? Do you have any experience with affiliate marketing? I’d love to hear about it below, as well as any questions!

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