Easy Retired MillionaireEasy Retired Millionaire says you can make thousands of dollars online with one click and then just sit back and watch their “almost magical” system work! This system is 100% automated, and you keep all the profits–sounds pretty great, right?

I’ve reviewed a lot of online money-making systems, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the old saying is true, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

See why this system is a shining example of that old adage in my full Easy Retired Millionaire review below!

What Is Easy Retired Millionaire?

Easy Retired Millionaire is an online money-making system created by a man named Chris. The program is accessible at EasyRetiredMillionaire.com and sells for $47.

The information that I am basing this review on is their sales video and extensive research. There are a lot of systems on the market that are low quality, while some of them could easily be classified as scams. Easy Retired Millionaire is one of the worst ones I’ve found.

There is absolutely no information about what their system does, what features it has, or even a general overview of what it’s about. Is it affiliate marketing? Selling products online? Promoting products on social media? Email marketing?

The fact is that you are given nothing but a huge sales pitch where people talk about how it has changed their lives, and then you’re asked to fork over $47. Here’s some shots from the sales video, and you’ll be able to see what I’m referring to:

I see absolutely nothing of value in these statements, and they don’t give me any solid information about what Easy Retired Millionaire actually is. So you’re being asked to basically buy a system without a clue as to whether there’s anything in it that you understand or even want to do!

Another thing that disturbs me is that it’s clear this program is being marketed to people who are naive, inexperienced, and even desperate to work from home and make money online. Anyone with experience will be able to see through the hype because they know there is no way you can make money online by just clicking on a program and letting the money roll in.

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What Does Easy Retired Millionaire Offer?

Since I have no way of knowing what Easy Retired Millionaire is, the sales video gives a clue as to what you get with the system. Basically, they tell you that they’ve started an account for you, and it’s live. This account will be generating income for you while you are watching the video!

As the video progresses, you get updates about your account. They tell you it’s getting traffic and show you a Clickbank account where the balance keeps rising.

Immediately, I knew this was not possible. This is a video, not a live stream, so how are they getting results from a live account? Total marketing hype! But for inexperienced people, it looks as though they can purchase the system and already have it paid for.

This claim also was almost identical to the same marketing about a couple of programs that I’ve seen before–Wiseball Secret Society and The Auto Money System (AMS). Let’s take a look at some images from all 3:

Most low-quality or scam systems only last a few months. By then enough people have realized that they can’t make the kind of money claimed. More often than not, they haven’t made any money at all!

So the website is shut down, the marketing campaign just gets a fresh look with a new name and a different twist, and voile! Now they have a whole new program that can be marketed as the latest and greatest way to make thousands online.

Here’s another example of why I believe Easy Retired Millionaire is just a duplicate of a previous system. In the sales video they update you on how much money your “live” account has been generating:

And here is the update in the Auto Money System sales video:

Wow! Both of these systems set up a “live” account and made exactly the same amount during the sales video. Would it surprise you to know that they also both ended up making $278 by the time the videos were done? Nope, me either.

By this time, you may be thinking what I was–if they’ve just made me $278 and it’s mine to claim, why would I have to pay them $47 to sign up for Easy Retired Millionaire? Well, here’s their answer to that:

So wouldn’t it make more sense to deduct the $47 from the $278 I’ve supposedly already made? I’ll sign up for Easy Retired Millionaire, they give me my system with the account that has $231, and all’s good!

Of course they’re not going to do that. The reason is because doing it that way means that they don’t get your money in their account.

Let’s think about it for a minute. Easy Retired Millionaire wants us to believe that they spent the time and money to create a great money-making system, gave us a “live” account, made $278 while we were watching the video, and then all we have to do is pay $47 to claim it and start making thousands–AND never ask us for anything again!

There is nothing about this that makes sense or rings true in any way, shape, or form to me. If a program is legitimate and valid, there is absolutely no need for this kind of hype to sell it. The program founders let the features and true value speak for themselves.

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Fake Testimonials

Many people are swayed by testimonials–including myself. You look at something, it seems too good to be true, but can’t help thinking, “These people really made thousands of dollars with this system. Even if I can’t make that much, I still should be able to make some good money, right?”

So let’s take a look at these testimonials and see if that reasoning holds up. Here are the photos of 2 people who say that Easy Retired Millionaire has made them huge amounts of cash:

But both of these people are paid actors who advertise to be a video spokesperson, and here are their ads:

The fact is that not only are the testimonials done by paid spokespersons, but the video of the owner, Chris, and his wife is just a stock video. I found the same 2 people on another website featuring them as a couple on their honeymoon. So there is nothing at all genuine about any of the people featured by Easy Retired Millionaire.

I normally purchase every program that I review.  My goal is to be sure that I’m giving you a complete, reliable, thorough review of all the features the system offers.

However, I haven’t found one thing in the sales video for Easy Retired Millionaire that I feel is believable, that makes sense, or shows any type of legitimate system for making money online. So I’m not purchasing this program.

I don’t know what upsells there are, but there are no doubts in my mind that any upsells to this system will not be worth whatever money you’re being asked to pay.

Red Flags And Concerns

The Easy Retired Millionaire system has way too many red flags to consider taking a chance on it for me. So let’s go over all the concerns I have and see if you agree that this is one to run, not walk, away from:

~ No information about this system–You’re supposed to buy it blind just based upon the hype and testimonials presented in the sales video.

Red flag~ Same program as 2 others–The marketing is the exact same as Wiseball Secret Society and The Auto Money System. Both of these systems were widely recognized by many as having no value and not legitimate opportunities to make money online.

I haven’t found any information that convinces me Easy Retired Millionaire is anything but a reworked version of those 2 systems.

~ Creating a “live” account–It’s a video, not a live stream, and it’s not possible that they’ve created this account for you. The real-time results are obviously fake, which is also verified by the exact same results showing up in the other systems.

~ Paying for a system with a credit balance–If the sales video is to be believed, then you are being asked to pay for a program in which you already have a credit balance way above the purchase price.

Then you’re told that nothing more will be asked of you. As I detailed above, nothing about this makes sense.

However, in all probability, you will be asked to sign up for several programs as part of the Easy Retired Millionaire system. The creators stand to make affiliate commissions from everyone who signs up for these.

When you add those earnings to any upsells that may be offered, it’s easy to see how they are making their money off of you.

~ Fake testimonials with unrealistic income claims–The people making testimonials for this system are actors who are being paid. In one instance, it’s claimed that one man makes $20,000 a week. There is nothing presented that gives any credibility to anything being said by these actors.

~ Founder/Creator is not real–The character of Chris, who is supposed to be the person who created Easy Retired Millionaire, is not real. The video claims the people presented as the founder and his wife are real, but that video clip is stock and images from it can be found elsewhere online.

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Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Thumbs downHere at Build Your Early Retirement, we give Easy Retired Millionaire our lowest rating of 1 out of 5. In the interest of full disclosure, I want to reiterate that I did not buy this program.

The review and rating are based upon the information in the sales video and online research. As an affiliate marketer, I can say with confidence that you should definitely stay away from the Easy Retired Millionaire system.

If you are looking for a way to make substantial, long-term, consistent earnings online, I recommend you check out the platform that taught me everything I know and where I host 6 websites.

It’s legitimate and gives you step-by-step instructions along with a very active community forum made up of successful marketers who are happy to provide guidance.

You can read my full review here, and if you’d like to try it out for free, their starter membership is free for life with no credit card required!

Have you had any experiences with Easy Retired Millionaire or the other programs mentioned above? If you have or if you have questions or comments, we’d love to hear about them below!

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