How would you like to make $500 a day, every day, forever? That’s how much money EZ Bay Payday claims you can make if you purchase their system!

So I took a look at this program and don’t think it stacks up to its promises. Check out my EZ Bay Payday Review and see if you agree with me that this is one you should pass on!

What Is EZ Bay Payday?

EZ Bay Payday is a money-making system for eBay developed by a man named Steve Richards. The cost is $37, and you can access it at

To find out what EZ Bay Payday actually is, I viewed their sales video–in fact I viewed it a couple of times. The only information I could get was that there are $20 Billion of sales on eBay every year and their system was going to get you a slice of it by doing something with selling on eBay.

According to the video, Richards was down and broke and had to sell off some of his belongings. So one night he listed something for sale on eBay and went to bed. The next morning he couldn’t believe his eyes with what sold, and by the end of the week, his listing had gone viral!

Now, the story doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. You don’t list something you own on eBay and then magically sell 251 of them. But this is just marketing, I expected to learn more about EZ Bay Payday and see what the system was all about.

Unfortunately, what followed was just more marketing hype, and you don’t get to really understand what it is they’re asking you to join. Here’s a few shots from the video:

The EZ Bay Payday system definitely appears to be “secret” because they don’t even tell you anything about what it is before expecting you to purchase it!

Then the high pressure selling starts, and you are told that if you don’t join quickly, the opportunity could be taken away.

Keep in mind that legitimate programs do not market their system to you this way. The product and it’s features are made clear to you so you can see what they are offering and whether it’s worth purchasing. They also don’t need to give deadlines and try to force you into a quick decision.

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What Does EZ Bay Payday Offer?

In order to give a thorough review, I wanted to see inside the member’s area and find out what EZ Bay Payday really offered. By the way, you don’t need to pay the $37–if you try to exit, it will be offered to you for $17.

There were several hoops to jump through before you get to the actual system.

~ Step 1 is an intro video to watch

~ Step 2 is to register for the VIP Members Workshop, which is supposed to supercharge your income! It’s actually a link to John Crestani’s webinar that is a sales pitch for his online money-making program, Super Affiliate System, that is sold via Clickbank.

This program has nothing to do with eBay. In fact, if we can make $500 a day with EZ Bay Payday forever, why would we want to purchase another system? Because if we do, the owner of EZ Bay Payday gets affiliate commissions!

~ Step 3 is to activate your exclusive free website for VIP members. This is just another way to make more affiliate commissions off of you since you have to sign up for a domain and web hosting with Cool Handle to get your “free” website.

~ Step 4 is to claim their highest recommended online product, The CB Cash Code. This is a system that I have reviewed recently and definitely DO NOT recommend–you can read my full review here. The CB Cash Code is another program that I feel will drain your wallet instead of fill it.

But again, if you can truly make the income that EZ Bay Payday claims, why would you need to pay more money for something else? The answer, of course, is the same as before–because if you purchase this system, the owners of EZ Bay Payday will gain affiliate commissions from you.

None of these steps has anything to do with eBay and how to make money with the system that you’ve just purchased. If you complete the steps as they are laid out, you are no closer to making any money, but you’ve provided quite a few profits for the owners.

Finally! You Find Out What It Actually Does

You finally get to see the actual system that you paid for–and it’s Dropshipping! Seriously, the “secret” system is dropshipping? If you want to know why this is my reaction, you can read my blog post, What Is Dropshipping About And Is It Right For You?

Dropshipping is not a new concept, and it’s definitely not something that you’re going to make money at in 24 hours like EZ Bay Payday would like you to believe.

The system consists of an overview of how to sell on eBay with dropshipping. There are 11 modules with videos in each that talk about things like how to set up your eBay store, why you should sell on eBay, how to find dropshippers, how to optimize your store, and more.

The system itself is not a bad $17 guide for someone who is new to selling products online. If you have experience, especially experience selling on eBay, you will probably find the information too basic to be of much use.

Can you make $500 a day by dropshipping with eBay? Yes, but not with some done-for-you system that took 17 minutes to set up. Sellers that are successful on eBay know that it takes time and hard work to be successful.

Under the course menu, there is a section with 4 more buttons that I thought was more information about the EZ Bay Payday system. Nope, they were just more affiliate links to other ways to make money online!

Beware Of The Upsells!

As you scroll down more, you get to the upsells, but beware because they are 1-click upsells! You cannot click on them to check them out because you will be charged as soon as you click on the button to access them. If you do not have the intention to purchase an upgrade, do not click on it!

Red Flags And Concerns

There are just way too many red flags with this system to consider recommending it. Here are the items that concern me about the legitimacy of EZ Bay Payday:

~ Steve Richards does not appear in the video at all. It’s most common for founders of legitimate programs to show who they are in their sales promotions in order to build trust. On the other hand, it’s common for scam programs to use a fake name and pictures to hide their identity. Not a huge red flag, but something to consider.

~ The testimonials are not real and actors are used to portray those who claim to be making money with the program. For example, here is a woman who says she’s making money with EZ Bay Payday:

Here is her ad in Fiverr to be a paid spokeswoman:

Here is another woman giving a testimonial along with her Fiverr ad:

~ Not giving information about the program before purchase. As I stated above, if you have a great system, you tell people about it and show it’s features. People are anxious to buy a quality program that produces real earnings results. There’s no need for one long sales pitch that says nothing.

~ Unrealistic expectations of earnings. Dropshipping is a very valid business model to earn money on sites like eBay. But EZ Bay Payday just gives an overview that’s unlikely to produce sales without the usual hard work and experience that goes into selling products online.

~ High pressure selling. This includes warnings that the opportunity will go away if a purchase isn’t made immediately and that only a certain number will be allowed to enter the program. The sales video was set up to look like you were entering a live session that was filling up quickly, but it was just a recorded video.

~ Constant promotion of products. From the moment you get into the member’s area, you are bombarded with products that will give the EZ Bay Payday owners commissions. These are products that have nothing to do with eBay and dropshipping.

Several of these promotions are for other make money online systems–which is a good indication of how much confidence you should have in EZ Bay Payday!

~ 1-Click Upsells! Not one legitimate program that I know of would ever sell an upgrade with a 1-click upsell. In this case they are particularly disturbing because there is no clue as to how expensive any of them are. In my opinion, 1-click upselling is an unscrupulous practice that Clickbank should not allow.

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Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Thumbs downBuild Your Early Retirement gives EZ Bay Payday a rating of 1 out of 5, and it is NOT recommended to buy this program. It’s very unlikely that you will make the kind of earnings claimed by using this system.

I would actually have given it a rating of 2 since beginners may find the dropshipping information useful for the initial purchase price without all the extra promotions. But I can’t give it more than a 1 due to the 1-click upsells.

If you are tired of seeing low quality or scam systems and want to check out a legitimate program, you can read my full review of my #1 recommended platform here.

This is the program where I currently host 6 websites and learned how to make money online. Their starter membership gives you access to 2 free websites, comprehensive training, and a very active community of successful online marketers–no credit card required!

Have you had any experience with dropshipping on eBay or with the EZ Bay Payday system? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below along with any questions you may have!

I'm Janelle, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of 5 angels (most of the time)! I started as a way to show how anyone can become financially independent and retire early. As I build out this site, I hope you'll comment and share your experiences as well. Good luck in all your endeavors, and may your success start now!

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