Anyone looking to make money online or work from home has probably heard about earning money by taking surveys.

Sounds pretty simple, right?  But can you really make money taking surveys online?

Let’s take a look and see if this is a legitimate money-making opportunity!

Is It Really Legitimate?

You may have seen ads promising to hook you up with high paying surveys for big bucks. They make it all sound so easy and so profitable.

So you’re probably wondering if it’s really possible or if it’s just a bunch of get-rich-quick marketing hype?

First of all, taking surveys online is a legitimate way to make money.  It isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, evidenced by the fact that you will definite not get rich doing this!

You will probably be able to earn some extra spending money, pay a bill or two, or cover a couple of monthly living expenses.

While there have been a rare few individuals who claim to make a full-time living from filling out surveys, they didn’t start making the big bucks overnight.

They’ve been doing it for years and know all the little tricks to maximize their earnings per hour.  

However, most people don’t have a clue as to how much time it takes to complete paid surveys.  Also, you can spend a lot of time researching different programs and signing up for a lot of them to increase your earning potential.

So that leads to the real question you should be asking, “Is it worth my time to fill out surveys for cash?”

Is It Worth Your Time To Fill Out Paid Surveys?

Just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Yes, you can earn money filling out surveys online, but you could also make money searching parking lots for loose change.

If you jump into the world of paid surveys with high hopes of earning enough money to quit your job or put your kids through college, you’re going to be very disappointed.

If you’re serious about making money with paid surveys, you’ve got to be realistic!

Here’s a short video that shows just how little money you earn at first and the time it takes to do the surveys:

In the beginning the money will trickle in slowly, and you’ll probably ask yourself why you’re even bothering to do this.

But, if you’re willing to stick with it, your earnings can slowly increase as you gain access to higher paying surveys, and learn how to find and take the surveys more quickly.

You need to learn to value your time in relation to how much effort you need to put in to make the money. Patience and discipline are essential if you choose to do this.

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How To Maximize Your Earnings From Paid Surveys

Whether you’re looking to take surveys online in order to pay a couple of bills or just to earn beer money for the weekend, there are a few things you’ll want to do in order to maximize the amount of money you’re earning each day.

The first thing is to understand the value of the effort you are putting in. Sounds pretty simple, but a lot of people don’t understand how important that is.

Think of it like this, a short survey pays you $.50 to complete it, while another that may take you a little longer to fill out pays you $1.00. You may be thinking that the second one pays twice as much, so that’s the one you’d automatically choose.Hand holding a stopwatch

But are the surveys that pay $1.00 always the best just because they are higher pay?  You also have to evaluate your time to find out.  Suppose the $1.00 survey takes 10 minutes to complete, but you can knock out 3 of the $.50 surveys in that amount of time.  In that case, you’re better off taking the lower paying surveys.

When you start thinking about it like this, you can pick and choose the surveys that give you the best chance of maximizing your earnings and time. Best of all, many of the places where you’ll find these surveys, such as MTurk, give you an estimate on how long it will take to complete.

So understanding the value of your earnings in relation to your time and effort will help you to zero in on the surveys that can put the most amount of money in your pocket in the least amount of time.

Where To Find The Best Surveys

Okay, so if you really want to do this, it only makes sense that you’ll want to find the best surveys that pay you the most. Unfortunately, that can be kind of hard to pin down.

The reason is that high paying surveys typically won’t be available to you, at least not right away. This isPerson Browsing the Internet because in most cases you need to build a reputation with the site they’re hosted on, or because you need certain qualifications. Seriously, some surveys require you to have certain college degrees to be eligible to take them.

The best thing you can do is begin browsing survey sites like MySurvey, Valued Opinions, and Swagbucks to get a feel for what they have to offer, and which ones meet your needs the best.

Remember, there is nothing saying you can’t sign up for more than one site. In fact, the more sites you sign up for, the more options you’ll have.

In the end though, you’ll probably narrow down your preferences to just a few sites that you like best. And don’t forget, some sites, like MTurk and Swagbucks, have other non-survey tasks you can complete for cash as well, so keep that in mind while you’re looking around, and trying things out.

So, Can You Make Money Taking Surveys Online?

Illustration of woman exhausted at computerThe answer is yes, but not a lot.  You’ll need to spend a lot of time and effort for not a lot of cash coming into your pocket.  But if you’re just looking for some extra spending money and you have a lot of time, it could be worth checking out.

However, most people are looking for more substantial income that gives them more money for their time.  If that’s you, a side hustle could be exactly what you’re looking for!

If you’re looking for more substantial income, I recommend starting an online business with your own website.  This is what I did to earn extra money and was able to quit my job and retire early!

Check out my video below that explains what a side hustle is and why you need to start one:

The most popular ways to make money online are blogging, affiliate marketing, or selling products online.  These are much more lucrative in the long run than something like taking paid surveys.

The best thing is that you can start 2 free websites, start online marketing training, and get help from a community of successful marketers with the program I use–all without even putting a credit card down!

This program is Wealthy Affiliate, and you can read my in-depth review here to get more information.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I needed to know with step-by-step instructions, live training, world class website hosting and more.  It’s definitely worth your time to check it out and see if it’s right for you!

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Have you taken paid surveys online to earn extra cash?  Have any tips or suggestions for those looking to start?  We’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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