Are you tired of online scams?  Have you spent money and time on useless programs that promised you thousands of dollars a month, but you wound up losing money instead?  You’re not alone!

I’ve reviewed a lot of programs on this site, and, unfortunately, the vast majority are either very poor quality or could be considered downright scams.  So with all of that out there, how do you make REAL money online?

My answer to this question is to find a simple business model and a legitimate program that teaches you step by step how to do it.  What am I talking about?  Keep reading to find out!

A Simple Business Model To Earn Money Online

The easiest way to start earning money online is with Affiliate Marketing.  That’s how I got started, and it turned out to be a very lucrative and low cost way to start an online business.

Affiliate MarketingSo what is affiliate marketing?  Simply put, it’s the process of you creating a website that informs readers about a topic and reviews relevant products.  If a reader is interested in a product, links are provided to retail websites, and then you earn a commission if something is purchased.

Commissions can range from an average of 3-5% with a retailer such as Amazon all the way up to 75-80% with other affiliate programs.  Your reader becomes a referral to the retail site, and you’ll earn a commission on any item they purchase, not just the products you were promoting.

Not only that, most retailers use cookies to track your referrals that are valid for anywhere from 24 hours all the way to lifetime.  What this means is that if a referral from your website leaves the retailer’s site, but comes back at a later time, you will still get the commission!

Now, commissions of 3-5% may not seem like much.  But you need to remember that over time your website can grow to get hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.

Suppose you sign up to be an Amazon affiliate, which is one of the most popular retail sites with an affiliate program.  Your site averages 10,000 visitors each month and just 10% of them make a $50 purchase.  At a 5% commission rate, you’ll earn $2,500 a month.

If you’re promoting higher ticket items or sign up with affiliate programs that have a higher commission rate, you can realistically earn much more!

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Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

So how does affiliate marketing stack up against other online business models, such as selling products online, creating and selling eBooks, or freelance writing?

There are definite advantages to affiliate marketing, and they’re the reason why I chose it for my online business:

  • No inventory managementNo deadlines
  • No customer service problems
  • No dealing with suppliers
  • No rewrites and edits from clients who aren’t clear about what they want
  • The ability to drive free organic traffic
  • Working where you want, when you want
  • No deadlines
  • Work done today can continue to pay for years to come
  • Keep your job and create your affiliate marketing site in your spare time
  • The ability to create a passive income stream

With affiliate marketing, you create blog posts that help people with a problem, give them information, or show them how to do something.  As your site gains authority and better rankings with the search engines, such as Google, those posts will gain more and more traffic.

So each post can continue to earn money, which means you’ll be making passive income indefinitely!

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How Long Does It Take To Start Earning Money?

I’m going to tell you something that many people won’t–it takes time to start earning money online, no matter what business model you choose.

A great number of new websites are abandoned after 4 to 6 months because people expect to start making money right away and then get discouraged.

Google knows this and doesn’t give good rankings to site less than 6 months old.  Sites are expected to build authority and show content being added on a regular basis in order to start getting Page 1 rankings on the search engines.

So it can take weeks or months before your site starts getting significant traffic and earning commissions.

You can read a good general timeline that we’ve created to give you a realistic view of how long this process can take at How Long Does It Take To Start Making Money With Affiliate Marketing? or watch our video below:


Now, a lot of programs tell you that you can fast track your earnings by using paid ads.  For experienced affiliate marketers who understand how to create and test ads, this can be true.

But ads can be very expensive, and there’s no guarantee you’ll earn any commissions from those who click on them.  It’s not unusual to spend hundreds of dollars or more trying to create ads that will actually convert into sales that make money.

So if you look into a program that makes claims of earning fast, easy cash online, you’re most likely going to be sent down the road of very expensive paid traffic that will have little chance to succeed!

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Best Program To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Like many of you reading this, I’ve been burned by scams before (to the tune of several thousand dollars!) and was very hesitant to try any MMO, make money online, program.  I also was a complete newbie and didn’t really understand affiliate marketing or how it worked.

But then I found the program that changed everything for me–Wealthy Affiliate!  This platform is fully designed to teach anyone to become a successful affiliate marketer, no matter how much or how little you know about it.

Now, I didn’t just jump into the Wealthy Affiliate program–I was way too gun shy to even think about paying for another program and worried about losing  more money.Free with no credit card required

So I signed up for their free starter membership, and didn’t even need to put down a credit card!  I was able to create a website and start my first online business literally within minutes.

Within a few days I had completed my first 3 lessons and immersed myself into their community platform to see how active it was–and it did not disappoint!

Everything I was learning at Wealthy Affiliate was realistic, up-to-date, and easy to understand.  There were no promises of fast, easy money and no constant upsells.

There is just the starter membership where you get to experience the program and awesome community and the premium membership where you get access to 100% of the training, weekly live workshops, and 25 of your own websites!

In less than a week, I had gone from a complete skeptic to someone who was ready to become a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate!  I was totally confident that this platform would give me everything I needed to reach my goal of being a successful, money-making affiliate marketer.

You Can Make REAL Money Online!

Today, I’m working from home and have 6 websites with Wealthy Affiliate!  Is it your dream to make money online?  Do you want to work at home and be with your family more?  Are you willing to put in the time and effort it takes to become successful?

Then I encourage you to check out this fantasic platform and see if it’s right for you.

Check out the video below, Make Real Money Online, and get ready to start your first website!


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Need more information about Wealthy Affiliate?  You can read my full review here and see everything they have to offer!

Have you tried any MMO programs?  Are you tired of all the scams out there?  Tell us about them or let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!
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