Mass Income Machines Review–Can You Make $42,000 A Month?


Wow–$42,000 a month! Who wouldn’t want to earn that kind of money? But a lot of programs out there say that can earn you fast, easy money online and don’t deliver. Is Mass Income Machines different?

I purchased this program, and while I do see some value, there are a lot of red flags you have to look at if you’re considering buying it. Check out my Mass Income Machines review below and see why you need to think twice!

What Is Mass Income Machines?

Mass Income Machines is a make-money-online system that you can access at and costs $37. The creator is unknown, and the sales video shows a man called Jacob Allen as the spokesman for this program.

The sales video has a lot of marketing hype about Mass Income Machines being for beginners and having to qualify to be able to join. This type of marketing sets off warning bells right off the bat. There are not qualifications to joining this program–if you’re willing to pay the $37, you’re in!

What the video doesn’t have, unfortunately, is any actual information about what Mass Income Machines actually is. What is it about? What type of online business does it deal with? You don’t get to know what it is you’re actually being asked to buy.

I’ll show you some screenshots from the sales video to give you the gist of what they’re saying this program does:

They tell you that you have to sign up for a Clickbank account, which is an online retailer for digital products. You’re told that once you sign up, “This is where the power of the group works its magic”.

They’re asking you to spend your hard-earned money on a system, but providing nothing in terms of what you are actually buying. This is the marketing technique that low quality and spam type systems use. Any program that has quality, legitimate information does not market this way!

Rehashed Version Of Profit 24/7?

As I was watching the sales video, I noticed that the name of Mass Income Machines changed a couple of times. I’ll show you what I’m talking about:

It’s a common practice to repackage a program that has gotten a lot of negative reviews, rename it, and then resell it as a new system. To see if that is what was happening here, I did some research.

The url that accesses Mass Income Machines used to access a program called Profit 24/7 as recently as a couple of months ago. Here is a screenshot that shows where it takes you now:

This is where it took you a couple months ago:

Profit 24/7 was a program that received many bad reviews and was widely considered low quality and not recommended. So it’s very likely that Mass Income Machines is a repackaged version of that system.

However, I have not reviewed Profit 24/7 and many of the reviews that I found were based on the marketing hype and not on a purchase of the actual system. So I purchased Mass Income Machines in order to see exactly what the system contained and if there was value to be found.

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What Does Mass Income Machines Offer?

The Mass Income Machines system consists of 17 videos and 8 PDF guides. The guides are basically a short written version of the videos, but they contain the links to all the programs and online tools that are talked about in the videos.

Once you’re in the members area, it does appear as though this Mass Income Machines is basically the Profit 24/7 system.

I went through all the videos and guides, and I’ll detail what you get for your $37. The training is broken down into the following parts:

~ Module 1 The Big Picture–This is an intro to all the different ways you can make money online, and you finally find out what Mass Income Machines is all about–creating your own digital information product to sell online.

~ Module 2 Profitable Niches–You’re taught how to find popular niches that can be profitable and are provided links to many sites for doing research.

~ Module 3 Website Setup–In this module they go through the steps you need to take to set up your website. These steps are:

  • Register a Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Hosting Housekeeping
  • Website Setup Choices
  • Create Your Product Page

~ Module 4 Product Creation–This module shows you how to choose and create a digital product and the programs you can use. It also goes over where to get content with PLR, Private Label Rights.

~ Module 5 Copywriting–Here you’ll find how to write your sales copy and the techniques, guarantees, and formats used to sell your product online.

~ Module 6 List Building–This is a basic overview of building a list for email marketing.

~ Module 7 Clickbank Payment Integration–This module goes through how to set up your Clickbank account, get your product approved, paid for, and integrated with the sales page on your website.

~ Module 8 Web Traffic–This talks about free and paid traffic, then goes through an overview of setting your product up to be sold through affiliates.

Considering all the red flags that had been thrown up while watching the sales video, I was surprised to see that there was actually some value to Mass Income Machines. That being said, there was also a lot of information that you can find free online.

The concept of creating a digital product to sell online with Clickbank is one that I can see would be very profitable. Digital products are the easiest to sell because there is no inventory and customers like being able to download your information immediately. Mass Income Machines provides some step by step instructions of how to create the product and set  it up on Clickbank to sell.

However, what I don’t like about the system is that it advocates taking information that you can find for free on the internet and recycling it into a product to sell. So if you follow what is being taught, you basically will be creating a product that will be considered low quality when your customers realize that they aren’t getting unique information.

Mass Income Machines is also a proponent of using PLR content, and teaches you to either make it your own or just use it as is. Again, this is content that other people will be using as well, and your customers will not see value in it.

I was frustrated going through the system because every time I saw something that had value, I felt there was a very poor quality method being taught to implement it.Sign that says Trust

The trainer talks about developing a trusting relationship with your customers, and that is a great lesson to teach someone wanting to sell products online. But I don’t see how that trust will be built if you create low quality products that contain information anyone can find online for free.

The copywriting techniques taught can also be on the marketing hype side of the tracks. You can see the exact techniques being used in the sales video for Mass Income Machines, and they were giving me red flags left and right. Customers simply want value for their money, not huge promises and generic information!

I believe someone can make money by creating digital products, and Mass Income Machines can be helpful. What I don’t understand is why the creator of this system didn’t create a complete system that truly taught people how to make a great quality digital product to resell and why he didn’t market it more directly without all the hype.

Not only do I believe that this would’ve been a high quality program that would sell long term, I would be anxious to promote it as well! As it stands now, I can’t recommend it since it’s unlikely to produce the results that they’re claiming with the system I received.

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The Upsells

Mass Income Machines has 3 upsells offered to you before you get access to your system. Here are the details and price for each:

~ Upsell 1 selling for $97–This first one is said to be a step-by-step video of secret methods that will let you start earning immediately and triple, or even, quadruple, your profits. Aside from promises and pictures of piles of cash, they didn’t show me anything that I felt was valuable enough to buy it for $97.

~ Upsell 2 selling for $67–The second upsell was supposed to be about generating an email list and email marketing. Again, there were no details, so I was going to pass on it. But, as I moved my cursor down to say no to the offer, I accidentally hit the BUY button, and guess what–a 1-click upsell! I was immediately charged the $67 without going to any check out page at all.

I believe that 1-click upsells are unethical for the exact reason that happened to me. It’s very easy to accidentally click on something, and you don’t ever expect that your credit card will be charged without you actually seeing the cost on a check out page and purposefully buying it.

I checked out this upsell and was very disappointed. There were 3 videos and 1 guide basically talking about how to set up autoresponders, general list building, and link tracking. I didn’t see value for the money since it was information that is readily available online.

~ Upsell 3 selling for $37–This upsell deals with driving traffic to your site, but I did not have any confidence that the material in it would be any more unique and helpful than the last one. So I passed on it.

Red Flags And Concerns

If you are thinking about purchasing Mass Income Machines, you will want to consider the red flags with this system. Here are the items I am concerned about:

~ Unrealistic income claims–$42,000 a month? Anyone who makes substantial, consistent, long-term money online knows that this is a far-fetched claim. The sales video talks about how Mass Income Machines is good for beginners and people who are unemployed. It’s obvious that they’re targeting those who are naive or desperate enough to want to believe it’s true.

Red Flag~ Program creator and video trainer are disguised–If you want people to trust in what you are telling them, and you truly believe you have created a system that will make them a boat load of money online, why would you hide your identity?

Both the video trainer and the system’s creator are fictitious. No one expects to know their phone number and address, but a real identity leads to the kind of trust you need to believe what’s being portrayed with this system.

~ Repackaged version of Profit 24/7–It’s obvious that Mass Income Machines is a rehashed version of a widely panned system called Profit 24/7. Since I haven’t seen the contents of the Profit 24/7 system, I’m not basing my judgment on that. But it is concerning that the same person who created a system that got such negative reviews also created Mass Income Machines.

~ Materials are not high quality–Overall, the training videos and guides were not high quality. Much of the information was already available online for free. Of the modules that provide value, some of them are not as clear as they could be for a beginner.

As I stated above, I also have concerns about the fact that it’s strongly advocated that you use free information that you find online, repackage it, buy PLR for content, and then sell it online as a new product. They are not teaching you to create high quality products, so your refund rate could be very high.

Another thing to think about is your customers will not be repeat buyers if your products are not quality. So no matter how fast you can build up an email list, what good will it be if no one on the list wants to buy from you again?

~ 1-Click Upsell–Anyone who reads my reviews knows how I feel about 1-click upsells. If you need to use this technique to make a sale, that’s a sign you’re not confident in your program’s value.

The owner of Mass Income Machines knows that many people who get caught in a 1-click upsell will not try to get a refund, and many of those who do try will give up if it’s a hassle.

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Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Here at Build Your Early Retirement, we give Mass Income Machines a rating of 2 out of 5. I would’ve been happy to give it a 3, but I have to rate lower because I consider the 1-click upsell practice to be unethical and always rate lower when a program uses it.

If you have an idea for a digital information product and unique content that people are searching for, I think the Mass Income Machines base program of $37 contains information that could be valuable to you in getting your product set up and online with Clickbank.

If you’re someone who is looking for some fast, easy money online, this program is not going to give you those results–no system will! Without being willing to do the work it takes to create a quality product, you may make some money. But it’s unlikely you will earn substantial, long-term, consistent income online.

Do you have any experience with Clickbank or selling digital products online? If so, or if you have questions, we’d love to see them in the comments below!

I'm Janelle, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of 5 angels (most of the time)! I started as a way to show how anyone can become financially independent and retire early. As I build out this site, I hope you'll comment and share your experiences as well. Good luck in all your endeavors, and may your success start now!

54 Replies to “Mass Income Machines Review–Can You Make $42,000 A Month?”

  1. I get so tired of programs just hitting upsell after upsell, without any real value. I’m so glad you provided a comprehensive review. Any one successful at affiliate marketing knows that generating significant income immediately out of the gate is nearly impossible, unless you have a huge mailing list or great connections. Thanks for the honest review.

    1. You are exactly right, there is no fast, easy money on the internet.  Anyone who has a huge mailing list already knows how to make money online and wouldn’t need to buy a program designed for beginners.  Hopefully people will research and read reviews before purchasing so they have a good idea of what they’re getting for their money.

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  2. Great detailed review of a not so good product. Though I have seen some wonderful products on clickbank,this appears to not be one of them. The goal and mission of your site is almost the same as mine so glad to meet you 🙂 I also look to show and educate that you can retire early or if already retired have financial freedom through the web.

    Experience with clickbank yes….they actually gave me my first affiliate commission over 8 yrs ago 🙂

    1. Nice to meet you as well!  Glad to hear that you’ve had some good experience with Clickbank.  They have many great programs to promote, however, there seems to be a lot of poor quality, scam type programs in the make money online niche.

      Good luck with your site, and I wish you success!

  3. Great article, I have ran across this program before but I just didn’t buy into their claim. I just feel like any claim that makes it seem that easy just can’t be legit. And your review has confirmed my suspicions of this company. would you have a program that you would recommend for creating digital content to be sold?

    1. I’m glad it was helpful!  If you’re interested in creating and selling digital information products, I can definitely recommend Clickbank University.  

      I haven’t done a review yet, but I plan to in the near future.  They don’t have a free trial, but you can get a full refund within the first 30 days.  If you’re interested in selling digital products, it may be the best place to start!

  4. Hey Janelle,

    Thank you for uncovering another unrealistic yet low-quality program – Mass Income Machine. They claimed that you can earn $42,000 a month, do you think they will share with you? This is all hype marketing tactics and l also don’t like the hidden upsells. The modus operandi of Mass Income Machine is to lure you into their funnel with low-cost frontend product and then upsell you with more high ticket items so that you can make money faster. Unfortunately, that’s won’t be the case, you will be losing more money.

    Further, it’s their strategy to move from one program to another program to avoid detection with some minor changes. This is their Modus Operandi to cheat you, but at least you got some basic training.

    Well, l noticed nowadays, ClickBank has quite a few mediocre products and should have more stringent control over the product being marketed there. I  strongly against their 1 click upsells, it clearly shows their unethical conduct of business.

    Take care and best wishes

    Shui Hyen

    1. Clickbank has a lot of great programs you can promote, but in the make money online niche, the majority are very poor quality.  At the very least, I wish they’d ban the 1-click upsells!

      The reason I was so disappointed in this program is because I feel they have some actual value.  If they would market it in a legitimate way, make realistic income claims, and actually add enough to the system to really have high quality training materials, this would be a good program.  I think they would have long term sales, and legitimate affiliate marketers would promote it–not those sending stock emails and hoping to get a quick buck!

      Take care as well, and thank you for stopping by!

  5. I came across some affiliate programs that asked for deposit after deposit and promises big return on your investment.They promise that you don’t need to write content on your website.They will do everything for you.Is this similar to mass income machine review?

    1. This is similar in the way it’s marketed to you, but different from a lot of those programs in terms of what the system you’re buying is. With Mass Income Machines they teach you how to create your own digital information product and then sell it on Clickbank, which is a retail platform for digital products. To the credit of this system, they didn’t have an upsell that promised a done-for-you-system that did it all with you hardly working.

      A lot of these types of programs deal with affiliate marketing and posting ads on social media and such, and yes, they usually promise that they do everything and you don’t have to put in more than a few minutes a day working on it.

      No matter what the end product they’re selling, any program that says you can earn thousands of dollars a day and sounds too good to be true is usually in your best interest to steer clear of!

  6. Thanks for creating this great review! It hadn’t crossed my mind before that certain companies might just repackage a course in order to negate the negative reviews. That’s a huge red flag! Plus, any site that promises you huge income claims like $42000 a month is always one you should be wary of. At least there is some real information provided in the system, even if the income claims are false. Although I do agree that you can easily find the same kind of information online if you put your mind to it. Do you still think the negatives outweigh the positives?

    1. For me the negatives do outweigh the positives due to the fact that it’s being promoted to beginners.  But beginners will have a hard time understanding how to use this system to make money and will go into it believing that they can make thousands of dollars a month.  That sets them up for failure, especially if they follow the advice to just repackage free materials found online and use PLR content.

      If someone has a unique digital product idea and enough experience to understand how marketing through affiliates work, this system could be helpful and worth the $37 to get the basics set up.  But they’ll need to know a lot more than what is taught.  By the time they’ve done enough research to know what they’re doing, I believe they could’ve gotten it all online for free!

  7. Thanks for your honest review. I do have an account with click bank but I found it is hard to use and not for my niche, so I decided to go for another affiliates. I was once, easily attracted by the lucrative title like the above, but now I learnt that there is no such easy money. Every money is hard earned, and people just want to get our hard earn money in any ways. Glad that there are reviews like yours! Thank you:)

    1. It’s hard not to be taken in by headlines like the ones that these programs have, and I’ve fallen for them myself!  They target those who are naive and have no experience because they don’t understand how much work actually goes in to making an online business a success.

      Hopefully people will read reviews before making a purchase so that they can make a better informed buying decision!

  8. I’m with clickbank but didn’t promote any of their products. Do you think clickbank is really reliable? Well, I saw most of their products have few publishers involved in it. I’m still having second thoughts with this. Sorry, that I’m out of topic here. I’m actually more interested with your answer since you asked to share here if I have any experience with clickbank. I don’t but I’m still searching reviews about it. What do you think?

    1. You’re not off topic at all!  Clickbank is the platform where many of these programs are sold, so it’s very relevant to ask about how legitimate they are.

      I’ve seen many good systems promoted through Clickbank, and I do promote a couple of them.  You also have a 60 day money back guarantee through them, so that is a big plus.  However, the make money online niche seems to be the one place where poor quality programs are in abundance.  

      So if you’re looking for products to promote, I wouldn’t hesitate to look at what Clickbank has to offer.  But I’d research the digital product well to determine if it meets your criteria for a quality product that you can put your brand behind.  Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Getting 42K/month income for a $37 dollar programs and some cheap upsells… Only people who have no experience with making money online would ever believe this. I was one of these people a few years ago. Unfortunately these crappy programs keep popping up. So thank you for keep spreading the word!

    1. I was one of those people too, they know exactly what to say to convince naive beginners that you can make huge amounts of money online in no time.  Hopefully people will read reviews before buying into these types of programs so they can see more realistically what they’re getting into!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  10. It seems that the person who created this Mass Income Machines opportunity is in it just for the money.  Did you notice any upgrading of the platform that you were able to access, or is it just a stereo-type platform with no intention of being upgraded and improved upon?

    Very sad to see that people stoop to unethical practices to cheat you out of your hard-earned income!

    Glad you were able to see the wood for the trees in this seemingly educational platform and to advise us of it’s pitfalls.


    1. It is very sad that people get led into believing that they’ll make thousands of dollars a month just to find out that many of them actually lose a great deal of money!

      The upgrade that I was charged for just had more information about email list building and email marketing.  It can take years to build up an email list that you can market to for a good income.  Plus, if you don’t market a good product, the next time you send an email, it’s going right into the trash.  So there’s a lot more to successful email marketing than I found in this upgrade!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  11. From what it sounds like, this course sounds really generic as far as affiliate marketing or online marketing courses are concerned. I am relieved that the up sells are not that bad. A lot of products will up sell in the thousands or even ten thousands. I’d be willing to buy the upsells from this product if the product wasn’t generic.

    1. It’s never good when you have 1-click upsells, but after it charged me, I held out hope that I would get some kind of quality information that a beginner could take action with.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t there.

      As an affiliate marketer, I hate reviewing systems that I can’t recommend.  It’s much more profitable for me to find a great program and promote it on my site.  So I was really disappointed when Mass Income Machines didn’t live up to what I’d hoped for!

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  12. There are so many programs out there that advertise fast money and no work for it.  It gets a little tiresome to hear after a while.  And so many different programs that do the upsells as well.  Thank you for sharing this.  I am not happy that there are so many of these things out there, but so grateful to know which ones they are so I can avoid them. Thank you so much!

  13. Great review and a point of warning for potential victims who can take any sort of information hook line and sinker. It is so common on the internet a lot of plagiarised contents and adulterated guide which will never give any positive result. For newbies like me it is good to come across review like this and to be able to get in touch with you. i believe it will stem the incidence of falling victim of these scam online money making schemes.

    Thank you Janelle

    1. It is alarming how many systems there are out there that make huge earnings claims and then provide poor quality information.  As more people learn to read reviews and do some research before purchasing, the flow of these systems that are not much more than marketing hype will slow down–hopefully!

  14. Hello Janelle,You just did an awesome review. These days, new programs keep on coming up, some of these program have so many hypes that one can’t even achieve and people keep falling into these programs that happens to be scam.I do advise people that if they want to work from home, they should consider affiliate marketing and that should be Wealthy Affiliate… Wealthy Affiliate has all the takes to become successful in online business.

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommended program simply because they are a high-quality, legitimate program with world-class web hosting and everything you need to become successful.  They don’t make outrageous income claims or say that you can become rich working 30 minutes a day!

      It’s good to hear that you also see the value in WA–thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  15. Whaat? $42,000 a month working from home? If that was possible, I would be retired by now. 

    To be honest, whenever I see a program promising to teach people how to make outrageous amounts of money online, I become very suspicious.

    I have a Clickbank account, but I’ve never been able to promote any product that I’ve personally purchased on that platform. I feel there’re so many sellers on that platform who sell products without any real value. There’re certainly helpful products on Clickbank, but I would stay away from anything that makes outrageous claims.

    Thanks a lot for your insightful review.  

    1. You’ve got exactly the right mindset!  Skepticism is healthy, especially when looking for a make money online program.  When you see red flags like claims of making outrageous amounts of money, it’s good to become very suspicious.

      The fact is that legitimate programs don’t give you marketing hype–they tell you what they offer, and they know that you’ll buy it if you see true value in their system.  

      That’s why Wealthy Affiliate is so popular for starting an online business.  They have a free starter membership for as long as you like, so you can see all their features without even putting a credit card down!  If you are interested in more info, you can read my full review here Is Wealthy Affiliate Real Or A Scam?  My Review.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  16. Good afternoon Janelle,

    When I started reading your post I got that feeling you know. I thought, oh no, not again. I wonder why this internet is so full of bad stuff. 

    The claim that Mass Income Machines will make you earn $ 42.000 is obviously completely crazy. Those type of claims should put you on alert. Having to qualify first? but then you do when you pay $ 37, what a nonsense.

    Also the fact they kind of facelift old stuff to then sell it as something new makes one think. I wonder how many people have fallen for this.

    Thank you for writing this post as a warning, I for sure will not try it.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. When programs market like this, they’re counting on the fact that a lot of newbies and naive beginners will be dazzled by huge income claims. It works, too, because people naturally think that they couldn’t make these claims if they’re not true. 

      Hopefully people will do research before making a decision to buy, so they’ll have enough info to make an informed decision!

  17. Hi Janelle

    Thanks for a fantastic breakdown of this product review. 

    I’m always dubious about any product claiming that you can make a large and unrealistic income from home and I really appreciate your efforts in writing such a detailed and honest review about it. There are many red flags that you’ve mentioned that are quite striking, which is a shame as the product has some potential for value and quality as you’ve mentioned.

    I’ve learnt what 1-click upsells are from reading this and I agree with you that it is unethical and makes the product seem weak. Great work.


    1. I’m glad you found it helpful and always happy when I can make people aware of practices like the 1-click upsell!  Hopefully, once more people are aware of it and dislike it, they will ban it.

      I’d love to see a bonafide program put out by the creator of Mass Income Machines because I believe he does know how to make money online.  I’m always looking for a great program to promote!

  18. Wow Janelle,

    You did a marvelous work, especially for purchasing the product before reviewing it. Most website reviews are based on hear say. They don’t buy the product themselves to test how it works before reviewing it. 

    The moment I saw make $42,000 a month, I saw the danger of this program. But I didn’t want top be dogmatic, so I decided to read your review first to see what exactly this program has to offer the world.

    I will never buy a program that the owner seems to be hiding himself. If what he is selling is something legit, then why should he be hiding himself.

    Also, the up-sells alone tell it all about this program.n When you programs like this before you come to your senses that it is not something legitimate, your hard earned money is already gone. I don’t think there is even any money back guarantee on this program since the owner is himself is hiding.

    That is what most scammers do, when they set up something that get more negative reviews, then they will re-brand it and give it a new name altogether. But they can’t hide, we will keep exposing their schemes. I’m not saying its a scam though.

    Thanks a lot for your hard work. this review will save many people from wasting their hard earned income.

    All the best,


    1. I agree, 2 major red flags are the ridiculous income claims and the fact that the owner wants to be incognito.  The owners of my #1 recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, are very proud to show their members who they are and be part of the community. 

      Because it is sold thru Clickbank, the program will have the 60 day money back guarantee. I have had some problems with refunds from a couple programs that I bought, but Clickbank worked with me and the refunds went thru.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  19. This is going to be tough to emphasize how much I enjoyed and appreciated your blog!  Your content was great and precise, you didn’t waste words, you didn’t sling mud, and that’s different from many reviews I’ve read online.

    Your blog was highly informative, and encouraging as it is too late for me to retire early, I press on to enjoy the most of the retirement I have begun last week.  I’ve bookmarked it so I can come back and read more about some of the programs you do recommend.

    Your cyber-bro, Rod

    1. So glad you found the review helpful, and I hope you’ll come back often to see more reviews and information about creating another stream of income!

  20. Honest, people are honest. You are honest. Very many people are not honest. You are honest. The review is qualitative in which I mean it the author has an eye for quality stream rather income from poor quality and arrogant web creators. Nice done.You describe my feelings towards scams and low quality providers who has not given what they promised. Eventually these scammers might go off market . They can not keep earning money while none do a buy.   

    1. I hope these people who create such poor quality programs go off the market as well.  Way too many people are losing money because they are inexperienced and don’t understand that the system they bought will not produce the results they’re looking for!  Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  21. Although there may be some value in this program, all the red flags make me reluctant to try it out. In the past I have tried various programs, but some of them vanished overnight which leaves a lot of unhappy members behind.

    One thing that I have learnt is to go with transparent programs that you can try first before making an investment. It’s not only money, but time that is too precious to waste.

    The next thing to look at is how long the program has been going for. Most of them are here today and gone tomorrow.

    1. You are so right when it comes to time.  I wasted several years after losing a lot of money to a scam type program because I didn’t want to get burned again.  I was so grateful when I found Wealthy Affiliate and saw that it was a legitimate program.  I wish I hadn’t given up back then and found WA sooner–but better late than never!

      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my review!

  22. Thanks for this sincere and honest review about Mass Income Machines. To be honest, it seems very attractive to join but there are a lot of flaws behind it. When it comes to online business, I prefer to join a program that gives you the resources to build your online business from scratch. 

    This way you can see your progress and build yourself as a person. Instead of joining a program that is already made for you and you are going to make a huge amounts of money in a short period of time. This way you don’t learn nothing about the business. 

    1. The problem with this program is that you’re not going to make $42,000 a month with the materials you get.  The claim that it’s an already-done-for-you system just doesn’t pan out.

  23. What shouts out to me here is that you don’t need to sign up to mass income machines to create and market your own digital product. It’s also sad that the training is poor and not designed for begginers which is who is being targeted here.  The hosting platform I am a member of provides fantastic training and all the tools required to be succesful online with no upsells. 

    1. Beginners, unfortunately, aren’t going to know that the training is poor unless they read reviews and do research, so I hope they do.  The hosting platform that I use, Wealthy Affiliate, is fantastic as well, and I can highly recommend it!

  24. Thanks for doing this in-depth review Janelle. It’s a public service warning people if low value products with unrealistic income expectations. I was expecting some sort of vending machine investment product from the name but it seems that was also a wrong expectation. I don’t like 1click upsells – hope you can get a refund. 

    1. So do I!  There’s no reason for 1 click upsells, and I’ve never seen a legitimate program use this tactic.  If a product has value, customers will see that and make the purchase!

  25. Hello… Thanks for sharing your Mass Income Machines Review. I actually loved the contents of this Programme but as you have said, I too have seen many of similar contents to the ones in the Programme for free online.

    I know the Fake promise of making $42000 per Month is impossible for beginners. I hate upsells too.

    1. They market a lot of these programs as the latest and greatest opportunity that no one has ever seen before.  Then when people buy them and realize that it’s the same thing they’ve already found for free, they get disillusioned about trying to make money online.  So many people quit, but they could’ve succeeded with the right training!

  26. I really appreciate you for taking out time to present this amazing unbiased review about mass income machines. My own deduction from the writeup is that it is not a very good scheme to engage in. First of all, the income claim seems to be very unrealistic as compared with the process to be carried out on the platform

    I think the company needs to restrategize and be more truthful about expected income so as to ensure credibility and trust from online entrepreneurs. There’s alot of fine tuning needed around mass income machines.

    1. You’re exactly right!  If a lot of these programs were created with more quality information and the marketing was honest about the time involved and income you can make, they would get more positive reviews.  But they’re just looking to make fast money and then move on to the next one that they can market as the latest and greatest out there.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review!

  27. HI Janelle

    I appreciate your review of this product as now I know to give it a miss. 

    One of the first red flags for me as I was reading your post was “It’s a common practice to repackage a program that has gotten a lot of negative reviews, rename it, and then resell it as a new system.” 

    Yes that is a definite problem. I am amazed they think they can get away with that. I mean if you’re going to do something like that, you would expect them to do a better job of it, which just goes to show that attention to detail and quality is an issue, as you say.

    A second disadvantage raised by you, is that they advocate ‘taking information that you can find for free on the Internet and recycling it into a product to sell.’ Yeah in my book that is just dishonest and unacceptable!

    It seems to me like they have geared their marketing to unsuspecting newbies who don’t do their due diligence before being sucked in to part with their credit card number. 

    Thankfully your post is here as a warning. Hopefully plenty people see this and don’t make a mistake.


    1. As people do more and more research on the web, I hope that means newbies will read reviews before purchasing make money online programs.  It will save them a lot of time and money!

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