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So do you think that you can tap into a “Secret Wealth Source” and start earning $24,500 per month online? Profit Genesis 2.0 wants you to think you can earn this easily and much more with their system. But you definitely want more information before spending a dime on this program!

To see why I don’t believe they can deliver on their claims, I encourage you to read my full Profit Genesis 2.0 review below and then you can make up your own mind.

What Is Profit Genesis 2.0?

Profit Genesis 2.0 is an online money-making system developed by a man named David Miller that went online approximately July 11, 2018. You can access it at, and it sells for a one time fee of $37.

According to David Miller, he’s going to “show you how you could easily make boatloads of cash on the internet!” In doing so, you won’t need to:

  • Promote affiliate offers
  • Fill in any surveys
  • Join any MLM or business opportunities
  • Invest in Bitcoin or any digital currency

You don’t learn anything about what his actual system is, but what he does claim is:

David Miller tells a story of how he was a poor plumber who couldn’t take care of his daughter. Then one day he was in a house whose owner was so rich that he had pipes made of gold!

It just so happened that it was an old classmate of his who wound up teaching him how to make thousands of dollars online. But he only taught him his “secrets” if he promised that after he made money, he would share the system and help others do the same! So David perfected the system that is now Profit Genesis 2.0 in order to help people.

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What Does Profit Genesis 2.0 Offer?

What you get for your $37 is the Profit Genesis 2.0 system and 3 bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Speed Success Secrets (Worth $197) This is a guide that is supposed to teach you how to have the right mindset for success.
  • Bonus #2: Top 10 High Demand Products (Worth $297) This guide is supposed to show you the top products to promote.
  • Bonus #3: Speed Cash Profits (Worth $497) This Turbo Cash System is supposed to show you strategies for having multiple passive streams of income.

Once you purchase Profit Genesis 2.0, you will be offered a series of upsells for hundreds of dollars. For $37 it looks like you’ll be getting a lot of value and training in order to make the kind of money David Miller claims you will make, so the upsells will look tempting.

But before you pay a dime, you need to consider several things that I’ve outlined below.

Exaggerated Income Claims and Testimonials

Income claims

All the way through the sales video and website, you are bombarded with huge income claims–$3,599 in a day, over $27,000 in 2 weeks, $48,000 in 30 days! Miller claims his mentor was pulling in 7 figures in sales in a month.

There are several problems with these exaggerated income claims. First, anyone who is familiar with affiliate marketing and promoting products online knows that his numbers are not at all realistic for anyone starting out in this business.

It takes time and hard work to drive traffic to your site. If you’re using paid traffic, it can take hundreds and thousands of dollars to drive enough traffic to your site to make these kinds of sales.

Second, most of the charts and graphs that are shown for proof are sales revenue numbers, not income. Even if you assume a healthy 30% profit margin, by the time you subtract your costs to get visitors to your site, you’re not making anywhere near the income claimed, if you’re making money at all.

The creators of Profit Genesis 2.0 are marketing to beginners and newbies who don’t have the knowledge and experience to understand what it takes to run a successful affiliate marketing online business. Claims of fast, easy money working 15 minutes a day may seem possible to them because they don’t have the experience to see exaggerated income claims for what they really are.

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The testimonials have to be considered as probably fake, including David Miller himself. The pictures used are stock photos, and you can find people in the video testimonials on sites like Fiverr offering to be a paid spokesperson.

The photos of David Miller are both stock photos. Here is the first photo from the Profit Genesis 2.0 website:

Here is the stock photo I found being used on another website:

Here is the 2nd photo represented to be Miller:

Here is the same stock photo on another website:

Here is the photo of a woman named Stefanie Ander who has given a testimonial that she made $24,000 in a month from the killer methods taught by this program:

But here is the same stock photo that I found used on a different website:

If Profit Genesis 2.0 was a legitimate program, there would be no need for the creator to hide behind a false name and picture. This is also the same with the testimonials–real people who are thrilled with making thousands of dollars every month would have no problem giving sincere testimonials.

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Why You Need To Say No To This Program

There is nothing presented about the Profit Genesis 2.0 system that gives any clue as to what you are actually buying. So if you do decide to try this system, you’ll be doing it based upon the trust you have in the claims made on the website selling the program.

However, there is no basis for trusting anything that you hear in their video or read about in their website, as I’ve shown above. In their Earnings Disclaimer, they state that any income claims will be verified upon request. But there is no contact information anywhere to be able to make the request! So you’re still being asked to trust what is said with no verification.

With legitimate programs you will know what you are buying. If there are different membership levels, you will know them before trying out the system and what information is in each level. This program fails to provide any of that information.

To get info on how to spot scams and help identify programs that provide real value, you can read Make Money Online Fast–Beware Of The Scams!

Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Build Your Early Retirement gives Profit Genesis 2.0 a rating of 1 out of 5. If you want to try this, I want you to know that there are way too many red flags and concerns for me to consider this a valid system to make money online with affiliate marketing. My opinion is that anyone who tries this program will not earn the income claimed, and there is a high probability of losing a great deal of money.

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Have you tried Profit Genesis 2.0 or have any questions or comments to share? We’d love for you to share them in the comments below!

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