On this site I promote making money online through affiliate marketing. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, owned by 2 gentlemen named Kyle and Carson.

In 2015, they were served with a lawsuit by MOBE, which was an affiliate marketing training program shut down by the FTC recently for scamming people out of more than $125,000,000!

There have been many rumors and statements made about Wealthy Affiliate and whether they defamed MOBE and other programs, and now those false rumors have been put to rest. The lawsuit has been dismissed, and the truth has prevailed!

Kyle has written a post to all the WA members letting them know everything about the lawsuit, how it progressed, and how it came to a conclusion. I have seen how ethically both Kyle and Carson operate their business and had no doubts that they would be vindicated. Here is a link to Kyle’s post:

We Were Sued. We Stood Up. We Prevailed


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