So you’ve heard of affiliate marketing and are thinking of giving it a try?

Maybe you’ve already jumped in with both feet and are posting content and starting to build out your website?

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between?

Congratulations to you no matter what phase you’re in! You’ve chosen the best business model for an online business, and it can enable you to work from home and become financially independent.

But as a beginner, it can be a little overwhelming and confusing. So I want to share with you 10 affiliate marketing tips beginners need to see!

When I first started out, I waded through all the too-good-to-be-true scams and get-rich-quick schemes. It seemed like there was nothing legitimate out there!

But I finally found the program that not only taught me how to become a successful online marketer. That is Wealthy Affiliate, which is a website hosting/training platform that specializes in affiliate marketing.

I created my first website and dove into the training–loving every minute of it! But I have to admit that it seemed like information overload sometimes as I followed all the different advice and guidance from reading other member’s questions and posts.

I would see what this member was doing with their site and wanted to try it. Then I’d see something else another member said was working for them, and I’d want to jump into that too. It’s called Shiny Object Syndrome, something all beginners go through.

I also loved reading all the success stories that members posted to inspire newbies like me. But then sometimes I’d get frustrated and feel like my progress was too slow since I wasn’t making any money the first few months.

No matter where you are in the process of building your affiliate marketing business, you’re going to experience frustration and find it hard that results don’t happen as fast as you want. But that’s where a platform like Wealthy Affiliate is a must-have!

One of the very best features of this platform is their awesome community of marketers who share their knowledge and experience with other members. As a newbie, having access to people who willingly mentor and guide you is an invaluable tool in your journey to making money online!

The 10 affiliate marketing tips for beginners comes from a successful online entrepreneur who is another Wealthy Affiliate member. She regularly shares her knowledge by posting tips, creating training videos, and answering questions in Live Chat.

Her name is Lynne, and you can click below for her 10 Tips For Newbie Blogger Success:

Never heard of Wealthy Affiliate before or want to know more about it? You can read my full review to see all the amazing features they offer to make you a successful affiliate marketer.

Try it for free with their starter program and create 2 websites–no credit card required!

Have you thought about working at home with an affiliate marketing business? Do you have experience in online marketing that you’d like to share? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments below along with any question you have, and thanks for stopping by!

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