Product reviews are a terrific way to earn money with affiliate marketing. In addition to promoting products that you love, you can also do item comparisons and review products that you think are low quality to help your visitors make good buying decisions.

Another great reason to write product reviews–Google loves them!

But writing reviews in a way that shows your authority about a product and creates trust with your audience can be intimidating for anyone who has never done them before.

But with a few tips, you can be writing product reviews like a pro.  So here are my best 5 tips to writing the best product reviews!

Find A Relevant Product For Your Niche

When choosing a product to review, you need to be sure you’re choosing one that’s relevant to your niche.

Some affiliate marketers run after any popular product that they hear is a big money maker, regardless of whether it fits well with the content and topic of their site.

For instance, suppose I had a niche website about home theater systems. I’d want to review the systems, equipment, and accessories that someone looking to buy a home theater system would be looking for.

The goal would be for my site to be the leading authority for information about these products.  Anyone looking at my articles would see in-depth information on everything home theater system related.

So if I heard that the latest iPhone was a big money maker and wanted to do a review to promote it, would that be a quality review for my site?

Probably not since the rest of my site has nothing to do with iPhones. When this review is looked at in contrast with all of my other content and posts, a visitor will not see my site as an authority with an opinion that should be trusted.

They’ll likely look for another review from a site that has obvious authority with iPhones and other Apples devices.

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Know Your Product Inside and Out

The word KnowledgeOnce you choose a product, do your research so that you are sure of all of its features and that all the information is accurate.

The best way to do this is by actually using the product yourself, of course, but that isn’t always possible due to cost and other considerations.

Sometimes, you can contact a merchant or manufacturer, let them know you are going to do a product review, and request a sample to try out.

However, that won’t be possible for many items, especially for large or high-priced products.

Also, many manufacturers only give out sample products to established sites that have a record of doing product reviews.

If you are doing a review on a product that you can’t physically try yourself, downloading an owner’s manual and emailing questions to the retailer or manufacturer can be really helpful.

You’ll also find some good information from the comments made from buyers on Amazon, and from sites like Consumer Reports–especially any negative features or quality problems that you’ll need to know.

Doing enough research to be sure that you can relay accurate, up-to-date information is one of the most important keys to building up your authority in your niche!

Another reason you need to know your product inside and out is to be able to answer questions that your readers will leave in the comments. Giving prompt, knowledgeable replies is a necessity to keep your visitor’s trust and keep them coming back.

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Be Thorough!Conversation box that says Answer Me!

Your reviews absolutely have to be as thorough as possible. The level of detail that you provide is key to gaining your visitor’s confidence that they are getting their information from the right site.

You don’t just want to provide a list of all the features. The review should show all the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Provide your visitors with ways that this product will benefit them by making a task easier or helping them solve a problem, for example.

Try to anticipate every question that your visitors may want to know about the product and then make sure that the answers are provided in your review.

The more information they have, the more likely they are to click on your affiliate links to check out the products on the merchant’s site, and the closer you are to a commission!

Be Honest!

Do not be under the impression that the only things you can say about the product you’re reviewing are positive.

No product is perfect–I’ve yet to find any product that was so great there is absolutely no room for improvement in any area!Button that says honesty is the best policy

So do you say something negative and risk losing a sale? Yes!

Your visitors want to know your honest opinion, not some sugar-coated review designed to get them to click your affiliate links.

Customers don’t need to know that a product is perfect in order to purchase it. They’re looking to buy the best product that has the most value for the money they’re willing to pay.

When they read your review, they’re looking for an honest assessment of the value of the product–the good and the bad!

Honest reviews are crucial to building trust with your audience. You want them to know you’re giving a truthful opinion about any parts of the product that need improvement or lack value.

Then they’ll trust your opinion when you talk about all the features that you love and the reasons they should check into the product further.

There are also times when you may want to give a negative review on a product that is very low quality. Having an honest opinion that is backed up with facts can help steer your visitors away from inferior products, and that’s also a service your visitors will appreciate.

However, don’t ever do a negative review on something just for the sake of trying to make another product look better.  Most readers will see through this, and you’ll lose their trust!

Provide Links to Quality Merchants

Quality--plan, do, check, actIf you want your reviews to convert into sales that provide you with commissions, you’ll need to be sure you are sending your visitors to the best merchants that have good prices.

So be sure that you’re signing up with affiliate programs from quality retailers who will provide the products to your referrals at the best price.

Suppose you’re promoting a product and your affiliate link goes to a merchant that sells it for $200.

However, the item regularly sells on Amazon for $150. So if you send your visitors to Amazon, you won’t get as big a commission.

Will your site be one that your visitors will learn to trust?  No! You are doing a disservice to your visitors by putting the size of your commission over what is best for your visitors.

If this is how you run your affiliate marketing business, you won’t get as many sales, and you will not have repeat visitors.

Keep your visitor’s best interests at heart, and you’ll make more money in the long run!

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Increase Sales With Great Product Reviews

A figure holding a check mark in one hand and an x in the otherWriting the best product reviews is one of the most beneficial ways to get traffic to your site and convert those visits into sales.

If you follow my 5 tips, you will have successful reviews that show authority and inspire trust with your audience.

Do you have any problems writing reviews? Does the idea of writing a negative review seem intimidating? Please share your questions and comments below–we’d love to hear them!

I'm Janelle, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of 5 angels (most of the time)! I started as a way to show how anyone can become financially independent and retire early. As I build out this site, I hope you'll comment and share your experiences as well. Good luck in all your endeavors, and may your success start now!

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