Can you really make insane amounts of money with a new robot technology program working only 23 minutes a day? According to Auto Chat Profits, not only is it possible, but it’s shockingly consistent money!

So I took a look at this system to see if it lived up to its promises, and you definitely need to be aware of a few things if you are considering purchasing it. Check out my Auto Chat Profits review below and see if you think it’s right for you!

What Is Auto Chat Profits?

Auto Chat Profits is an online money-making program that uses what they call “robot technology” to sell your visitors Clickbank products. The creator of this program is not known, we only get to hear from a woman called Samantha Smith, who says she is the spokesperson.

You can access Auto Chat Profits at, and they are giving away licenses to their “secret” technology software for free. You are supposed to be able to set this system up in 6 minutes and 14 clicks.

Once you have their program, you will be shown how to set up your system and be able to make shocking profits starting your first week working only 23 minutes a day! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It is, unfortunately.

I tried Auto Chat Profits to see if this system can live up to the big claims made, but I was very disappointed with the program itself and with the quality of products I would be selling to my visitors.

I’ll show you what the program offers next and how it works!

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What Does Auto Chat Profits Offer?

The Auto Chat Profits system is supposed to be a free license for software that will create an affiliate marketing website for you. There are several claims in the sales video that claim it’s totally free:

However, by the time they’re ready to give you your access to their software, they just happen to need to charge you a hosting fee for your website of $37. Now if you try to leave, you’ll get it for $27, which is what I paid for it. They tell you that because they have a 60 day money-back guarantee, they can call it free!

This was another concern I had about Auto Chat Profits being a legitimate program. Since you have to get your website through this system and they charge you for it, the claims of the software being free are false, in my opinion.

The system itself is fairly simple, and after watching a couple of introductory videos, I got started setting up my website. There are videos to help every step of the way, so nothing is too complicated. Here is a screenshot of the members area:

The Set Up

My first step was setting up a Clickbank account, and the video goes through the steps of creating the account thru getting your username entered into Auto Chat Profits.

The second step is to choose a domain for your website. In the video they show a drop down menu with several choices for a website name, and you’re supposed to pick the one you like. Unfortunately, there was no domain listed in my drop down.

I sent a ticket to their support email address and got a response back the next morning that it was all taken care of. However, I still had no domain selection, so I emailed them again.

I didn’t get a response for another 2 days, and then I had 1 domain name to choose from– I thought the support was slow, but I was able to continue setting up my site.

The third step was setting up your email service. Now an email service is not free, and the one they have you pick is GetResponse.

It’s a good service, in fact it’s the one I already use. The cost starts out at $15 a month, so while it’s not huge, it’s still an expense to use the system that wasn’t detailed in the sales video.

This email service is also a stream of income for the creators of Auto Chat Sales. The button to register with GetResponse is an affiliate link, so they will get a commission every month from anyone who signs up for this service.

How It Works

My website worked by what Auto Chat Profits calls interactive Robot Technology. What it actually does is give a series of pre-programmed questions with a choice of answers that my visitors can choose from.

Depending upon what answer they give, the system leads them down the road to purchase a product, which just happens to be systems to make money online.

Visitors are asked to give their name and if they want a make money report valued at $97 for free. Then they enter their email address to get the report if they say yes. The report is then supposed to be sent to that email address.

If they say no, the system continues to find them a make-money-online product to purchase. If they try to leave the site, they get a popup message asking again to put in their email address to get the free report.

Eventually they get to a point where they have 4 interests to choose from that will determine which product is offered to them:

  • Ebay/Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Once they pick one, they click on a button that says Unlock Secret Money Method. This is my Clickbank affiliate link, and they’re sent to a site where they can buy a system to make money online. If they purchase the system, I get a commission.

Auto Chat Profits is supposed to make you money in 2 ways. First, you can earn the commissions that come from those who make a purchase through your affiliate link. Second, you are building up an email list of subscribers that you can market additional products to.

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Problems With Auto Chat Profits

So I tested out my site to see how it works, and unfortunately, found several flaws that made the system unusable for me. I’ll review those here:

~ The system is not customizable at all, so everyone who purchases Auto Chat Profits is getting the exact same site that functions the exact same way. Cookie cutter sites will never get ranked well by the search engines. So it will be nearly impossible to drive traffic to the site with any methods other than paid traffic.

~ When I entered my email, I never got any free report. I entered 2 more email addresses into the system at different points in the program and still have never received any report. In fact, only 1 email address made it’s way into my GetResponse email list.

The videos tell you to make sure everything is entered correctly, and it was, but I still have never seen this free report. So not only would I be promoting a report to my visitors that I have never seen, I would be taking their email addresses for my list without giving them what I promised in return!

~ The opening picture of the site is a sexy woman waving and saying hi. Because I can’t change anything, I have to use this image, and it isn’t one that I would ever use on my sites.

Many people may like it and it may convert well for those looking for get-rich-quick type programs. But that’s not what I want to promote to people, so doesn’t work for me.

~ Once someone unlocks the “Secret Money Method” that the program picks for them, what they’ll find is a MMO program that’s promoted via Clickbank. Unfortunately, I have no control over what my site is trying to sell them, it’s all pre-programmed by the system.

Without being able to pick the programs I’m promoting, I have no way of knowing if I’m selling a legitimate product or not.

If someone picks Clickbank as their interest, the link will take them to Clickbank University. This is a bonafide system that will teach people how to make money on Clickbank.

However, if they pick Ebay/Amazon as their interest, that link takes them to a program called AZ Sniper. I’ve reviewed AZ Sniper on this website and consider it to be a very poor system that we give our lowest rating of 1 out of 5. I would never promote this system to my visitors!

Anyone who wants to create a successful online business has to be sure they’re keeping the best interests of their visitors in mind at all times. Promoting a poor product that is likely to lose people money is exactly the opposite of what you want to do, and it will not result in long-term financial gain.

~ There is no way to use any kind of free traffic method to get visitors to the site. The only way to get traffic would be by paid advertising. In the videos they heavily promote using solo ads, which is a method of using someone else’s email list to promote your site.

Any method of paid traffic is expensive, and it can cost hundreds of dollars to drive enough traffic to the site to start getting sales. Auto Chat Profits is marketed to those who are inexperienced, so they would not realize just how much it could cost to try to make their website profitable.

The Upsells

There are 3 upsells that are offered with Auto Chat Profits. To their credit, they did not offer them with high pressure tactics before I got access to the program I bought.

Almost all the programs I review market their upsells with a lot of scammy marketing techniques, so it was refreshing that they didn’t do that here!

The upsells they offer are:

  • ACP Faster Profits for $197
  • ACP Double Your Profit Sites for $187
  • ACP Traffic Tsunami for $97

I did not purchase any of these upsells. Each of them is similar to upsells from other programs that give you more than one website, different ways to pay for traffic, etc.

Since I have no reason to believe, based on my experience, that any of these upsells are going to fix the problems listed above, I’m not willing to pay to find out their details.

Red Flags And Concerns

There are a number of red flags with Auto Chat Profits that you need to consider before making a decision about whether to purchase this program, and I’ll detail them for you here:

~ False Profit Claims–This system is supposed to be new for 2019, but the income proof they show is all over the place, from 2013 to 2017. So there’s no way they used this system to make that money.

In addition, one of the proofs that is showing a huge income claim is actually a vendor account, not an affiliate account. This image shows a monthly sum of almost $400,000, but it’s sales from some vendor and not profit from an affiliate.

Legitimate programs don’t need to use misleading and outdated figures to try to sell their system.

Clickbank Vendor Sales

~ No Website Ownership–With Auto Chat Profits, you don’t actually own your website, you’ve just paid a fee to use it. So you could spend hundreds of dollars trying to drive traffic to your this site to promote products, but then it can be shut down any time.

The site will always be owned by the creator of this program, and you’ll have no rights to it.

~ No Customization–Your website will be just a cookie cutter site that is like everyone else’s who buys Auto Chat Profits. You can’t change the site to be unique so that you stand apart from the crowd. You also can’t personalize the site to give your visitors a better experience.

You’ll need to get traffic to your site to make sales. The search engines do not reward sites that provide no useful content and are basically the same as many others. So not having the ability to customize will be detrimental to getting any kind of ranking in Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

~ Scammy Marketing–I do not want to have a site that uses marketing techniques that I consider scammy. As I stated above, I don’t want to promote products with the marketing on the site I received.

Affiliate marketing is about informing, educating, and helping your readers to build a brand. You don’t want your brand to be low quality!

~ No Report!–No matter how many times or places I put in multiple email addresses, only 1 was added to my email list and I never received the free report that was promised. So I have no way of knowing if one really exists, and if it does, whether or not it contains valid information or not.

~ No Choice of Products to Promote–If you’re going to make money by promoting products to people, don’t you want to choose which products to recommend? How will you know whether or not the products are legitimate or scams?

If you want to see my review of one of the programs you’ll be promoting, you can read AZ Sniper Review–Is It Really A $1500 Per Day Goldmine?

~ Driving Traffic–You’re going to have to use paid traffic sources to get visitors to your site. Solo ads, Pay Per Click, Social Media ads–they’re all going to be much more expensive than any beginner thinks they will be.

It’s not unusual for an experienced affiliate marketer to spend $1000 on an ad campaign trying to find the right ad that converts well. Just how much are you willing to spend to try to make Auto Chat Profits work with no guarantee that you’ll make any money at all?

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Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Build Your Early Retirement gives Auto Chat Profits a rating of 2 out of 5, and we recommend that you do not buy this program. It’s likely that you’ll lose money due to all the concerns I listed above.

While you do get a website that provides a way for you to promote products, it’s too low quality to have any faith that it will be profitable.

If you are serious about wanting to make money online with affiliate marketing, a better option to consider is my #1 recommended program. You can try it out for free and actually create 1 free website, get legitimate training, and access an active community of marketers–all with no credit card required!

You can check out the program in a quick video below:

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Do you have any experience with Auto Chat Profits or other programs to make money online? I’d love to have you share your experiences, thoughts, or any questions you have in the comments below!

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