Looking to make a lot of money online? Would $3,750 a day be enough to make your dreams come true? Bulletproof Profits says it can do that for you!

So I reviewed this program, and you need to see what I found before taking a chance with this one. Let’s check out my Bulletproof Profits review and you can decide for yourself!

What Is Bulletproof Profits?

Bulletproof Profits is a make-money-online program that was launched in 2019 by a man named Justin Tyler. It sells for $9, and you can access it at YourBulletproofProfits.com.

One of the first things that I noticed on the sales video page is that they have a section titled “Live Social Proof”. It contains 5 comments that are testimonials for Bulletproof Profits and written to look like a live Facebook feed. But it’s just a gimmick since the times and comments never change.

The sales video starts out by throwing big income numbers out designed to really impress you! I’ll show screenshots throughout the review to show their marketing hype and how they try to reel in those who are inexperienced and naive–such as these income claims:$2000 a day income$50,000 a month income claimClaiming that a system makes you this kind of money is a big red flag for anyone who knows how to make money online. Experienced marketers know that it takes time and hard work to make substantial earnings, and legitimate programs would never make these kinds of claims!

Justin Tyler claims that he has found a little known online goldmine, and he used that to create Bulletproof Profits. But the secret goldmine has a limitation–if too many people know about it, there will be fewer profits for everybody!

In addition to the fake live social feed, there is also a series of testimonials in the sales video. However, I’ve seen some of these same people before giving testimonials for other MMO, make money online, programs because they’re paid spokespeople from sites like Fiverr. Here’s a couple of examples:

Video testimonial image

Same man advertising in Fiverr for spokesperson

Woman giving testimonial

Same woman giving testimonial for another program

Again, any legitimate program does not have to use fake testimonials in order to market their product. They show the actual features and the value they offer–they don’t need gimmicks.

Finally, after all the hype, you find out that the secret online goldmine that Bulletproof Profits is based on is Amazon! They have supposedly uncovered a loophole in Amazon that allows them to siphon off profits for themselves.

So I purchased the program for $9 to see everything Bulletproof Profits has to offer!

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What Does Bulletproof Profits Offer?

When I got access to the program, the first step you’re told to take is to sign up for free VIP training. What you’re actually doing is signing up for another sales video for another MMO program associated with Profit Genesis Reloaded.

I have reviewed Profit Genesis 2.0 on this site and found it to be extremely poor quality and gave it our lowest rating of 1 out of 5. I have no doubt that Profit Genesis Reloaded is just another revamped version of this and did not bother with the video.Bulletproof Profits system

So I went over the Bulletproof Profits system, and I didn’t find any loophole or secret goldmine strategy. The system is about selling products with the Amazon FBA program!

FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon, and it’s an extremely popular way for anybody to sell products. It’s ridiculous for anybody to try to sell this system as a little know goldmine that has to be kept secret to prevent too many people from knowing about it!

There’s a series of videos that show the set up and tips to get started with the FBA program. But these are all basic information that is available online from Amazon itself. You’re not getting anything even worth the $9 when you can easily get the info for free!

There’s a section in the Bulletproof Profits program that talks about getting profits to sell through private labeling. This means that someone sells a product as their own brand, but someone else makes it for them.

They also recommend getting products through auctions, garage sales, police auctions, etc. Does any of this sound like a secret online loophole where you can start making $3,750 your first day working about 30 minutes a day? Of course not, the program is just basic ways to find things to sell on Amazon!

Ask any successful Amazon seller, and they’ll tell you that they work hard and it took time to build up their business to make consistent, substantial money. No one is going to be taking the information in Bulletproof Profits and start making money immediately–and especially not the kind of figures thrown around in the sales video!

Unfortunately, anyone who’s not familiar with selling on Amazon will look at these videos and guides and not realize that they won’t get the results they are expecting.

The Upsells

There are 2 upsells with Bulletproof Profits, and I’ll detail them for you here:

~ Bulletproof Profits Turbo, $197 or $177?–They claim that this upsell will give you 10x more profits than the basic version by showing you the exact loopholes in the Amazon platform.

It’s supposed to be a complete done-for-you system that’s “100% dummy-proof!” It also states that you will generate free traffic on the internet on auto-pilot.

The confusion comes in on the price because the only price listed says it’s for something called Bulletproof Paydays for $197.

Upsell price showing under another program name

With all the scammy marketing hype, I have no doubt that I’d be wasting my money on this upsell, so I passed. Then I was offered Bulletproof Profits Turbo again for a $50 discount, which made the price $127. So I assume the original price was actually $177!

Either way, I had no confidence that the upsell would have any value for the money, so I passed on it again.

~ Bulletproof Profits Paydays, selling for $145–This upsell is supposed to be a VIP exclusive resource that will give you access to 5 additional streams of income. These income streams are supposed to bring in an additional $500 to $1000 every day in addition to what you earn from Bulletproof Profits.

Screenshot saying the upsell will make huge money

I have enough experience as an online marketer to know that there’s no fast, easy money to be made online like this! It’s ridiculous to believe that there is anything they can offer that will just make thousands and thousands of dollars every day on some autopilot programs.

Selling products online, affiliate marketing–it doesn’t matter. Whatever materials that they’re selling you with this upsell are not going to enable you to create lucrative, passive streams of income!

When I passed on the upgrade, it was offered at a $50 discount as well. But there’s no value, in my opinion, at any price.

Red Flags And Concerns

Red FlagI want to recap all the red flags and concerns that I found with the Bulletproof Profits system:

~ Outrageous Income Claims–From the basic program through the upsells, the potential income that Bulletproof Profits claims you can make with their program is ridiculous. If you add it all up, here is the amount of money you are supposed to be able to make:

$2000 a day with the basic program + 10x that much with the Turbo upgrade, so $20,000 a day + $5000 a day from the 5 income streams in the Paydays upgrade = $27,000 a day or $9,855,000 a year! If someone could make even a tiny fraction of that amount with Bulletproof Profits, would they be practically giving it away for $9 and discounting the upsells? No!

~ Fake Testimonials And Live Social Feed–The live Facebook feed isn’t real, and there are testimonials from paid spokespersons falsely claiming that they are making huge money with the program. Real programs produce real results and don’t need to be fake.

~ Scammy Marketing Hype–Everything about the sales video and marketing was typical of the tactics used by people promoting scams. Secret goldmine loopholes, the sob story of Justin Tyler, all the fake people–legitimate programs don’t market this way!

~ Very Low Quality Materials–Once you get access to the program materials, you find that it’s all basic information that is readily available from Amazon for free. There’s no specialized info that’s going to enable anyone to easily understand selling products on Amazon and start making money right away.

Members area menu

~ 1-Click Upsells–Once I got into the members area and saw all the menu options, I knew I was probably looking at a program that had 1-click upsells. What that means is when you click on a button, it immediately charges your credit card without going to any screen to verify that you’re making a purchase.

Take a look at the members menu to the right. Do you see anything that says Bulletproof Profits Turbo or Paydays? No!

That’s because if they labeled them that way and you didn’t purchase those upsells, you probably wouldn’t click on those items.

But as I looked over the program and checked out sections like 10X Sales Profit, I knew that if I clicked on any of the buttons in there, I’d be charged for the Turbo upsell immediately!

To verify, I checked it out thru Clickbank, and they, indeed, do advertise multiple 1-click upsells on their sales page for those people looking to promote Bulletproof Profits.

In my opinion, 1-click upsells are an unethical way to do business. Everyone should be taken to a page where they can verify that they intend to make the purchase.

In this case, it’s even worse because they’ve set their menu up without making it clear which sections are part of the basic program and which ones are part of the upsells.

If I knew nothing about Bulletproof Profits other than they used 1-click upsells this way, I would be very confident in not recommending the program.

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Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Thumbs downHere at Build Your Early Retirement, we give Bulletproof Profits our lowest rating of 1 out of 5 and strongly recommend that you do not purchase this program! There is no value for even a beginner, and you can get the information from Amazon itself.

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Do you have any experience with Bulletproof Profits or another MMO program? Please share it with us in the comments below, as well as any questions you may have!

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