If you want to have a successful online business, the most important decision you can make is choosing what company will host your website. Your site’s function and security are key to ensuring your visitors have a good user experience.

If you’re a beginner to affiliate marketing, how do you make this decision? Who has the best website hosting services for your online business? My choice is Wealthy Affiliate–keep reading to see why!

What Is A Quality Website Hosting Service

Your website is the cornerstone of your online business, and the experience your visitors will have there determines whether you will succeed or not. So it’s essential that you have an excellent website hosting service.

But how do you know what hosting platforms are going to give you what you need? The first step is determining what features quality web hosting offers. Here are 8 that you need to consider:

~    Speed–Your site needs to load quickly. In this day and age, information is available with just a click, so many people just won’t wait if your site takes too long to load.

~   Reliability–Every time your site is down, you’re losing visitors, sales, and money. Not only will they not be able to access your site when they want to, it’s likely they won’t be back for any repeat visits. A good hosting platform is reliable and has extremely low down time.

~   Responsive Site Support–There are always going to be times when something goes wrong, and you can’t wait hours to get an answer from support personnel. You need to be able to contact someone and get your issue looked at fast.

~   Space and Bandwidth–A lot of hosting services can handle your site when it’s starting out and small. But you’re looking to grow a business, and having adequate space and bandwidth that allows you to expand your website is essential.

~   Affordable–Technology has made website hosting more and more affordable. So there’s no reason to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a premium service or to be asked to pay extra for every feature you need.

~   Email Availability–Having an email address that is associated with your domain is professional and helps your brand tremendously. So it’s important that your website hosting has email accounts as part of their service.

~   Backups–Whatever changes you make to your site, you want to know that they are being backed up on a regular basis–preferrably daily.

~   Security–This is listed last, but is definitely not the least! In a day and age where hackers and spammers are everywhere, you need a hosting service that will protect your site and guard against any vulnerabilities.

So what website hosting platform checks all the boxes listed above? Wealthy Affiliate!

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Why Wealthy Affiliate Is My #1 Website Hosting Service

I looked at everything that Wealthy Affiliate had to offer, compared it to other highly rated hosting services, and determined that it was the right choice to start my online business.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is called SiteRubix, and they host small businesses and million dollar companies alike. Here are the features that convinced me they are the #1 service out there today:

~ WordPress–They use WordPress, which is a very powerful website platform. Roughly 1/3 of the websites today run on it because their technology is advanced and easy to use.

There are also more than 55,000 plugins available for WordPress sites that allow you to customize your website any way you want to in order to increase your visitor’s user experience. A plugin is software that you can download to your site and configure to increase your site’s functionality and appeal.

~ Extremely Fast Speed–Wealthy Affiliate knows how important speed is to the success of a website owner, and they don’t disappoint. Their unique load limiting process enables their average page load time to be 1.3 seconds–this is outstanding!

Once you start adding extra plugins to your site, they can take a toll on your site’s speed. But Wealthy Affiliate offers their Page Speed Insight feature so you can recheck your page speed after each plugin is added. If one has a negative affect, you can disable it and look for another option in the thousands of plugins available.

~ Reliability–Wealthy Affiliate uses a double hosting system that is unlike any other in the world. What this means is that there is always a mirror of your website running at all times.

If your site goes down for any reason, they can swap in this mirror site instantly. The up time rate that results from having this layer of redundancy is unmatched in the industry.

~ Site Support–In all the time I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve had to put in a Site Support ticket 3 times. Each time, I’ve had an answer and had my problems resolved in no more than 15 minutes. I’ve spent much more time than that on hold waiting for other company’s customer service before–and that’s before they ever let you get to technical support!

~ Space and Bandwidth–You’ll have no space or bandwidth problems with Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteRubix platform. You get a full 30GB of space and up to 500,000 visitors per month!

Want to expand your online business? You can create up to 50 websites–25 with your own domain and 25 free subdomains. No matter what direction you want to take your business, you have the ability to do it with this platform!

~ Unlimited Email–Nothing looks more professional and legitimate than being able to communicate with your visitors and customers with an email address that they know is from your business.

Many website hosting platforms do not offer any email as part of their service. Wealthy Affiliate offers unlimited email accounts. I have an email set up for every one of my websites, and all of my communication is professional and reinforces my brand.

~ Daily Backups–When I started my first site, I wanted to try different looks and plugins to see what worked best. But, being new, I also made mistakes and didn’t know how to correct them!

You don’t have to worry about that with Wealthy Affiliate since they do daily backups of your site. When I contacted Site Support, they were able to get me up and running fast by bringing up the latest version that was backed up.

~ Security–I’d heard horror stories of people losing their entire websites to hackers or getting viruses from spammers. So site security was huge for me, and I looked at this extremely close.

What I found is that the SiteRubix platform is set up to catch hacker attacks at the server level–before they ever get to your site! So you don’t need to pay for extra plugins to add to your site and hope that they work.

Also, every site that you host with Wealthy Affiliate will be SSL certified for free–and that includes the 2 free domains you receive with your free Starter Membership. Reputable companies that issue SSL certificates can charge up to several hundred dollars a year, so it’s easy to see that security is a big priority with the SiteRubix platform!

~ Affordable–With all the features that I’ve listed above, you’d think that Wealthy Affiliate was one of the priciest website hosting services on the market. In reality, it’s the opposite–their premium membership is just $49 per month. Here’s how that compares with other commercial hosting services:

Let’s see just how easy it is to build a website with Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder from a successful online marketer:


Extra Features You Will Love!

As if the excellent website hosting wasn’t enough, Wealthy Affiliate has extra features that you won’t want to be without:

~   Affiliate Marketing Training–Thousands of step by step instructions and tutorials, video tutorials, and weekly live training events give you all the information you need to start a successful online business in any niche.

~   Community Platform–How many times can you start a business and have access to thousands of successful people who are willing to answer your questions and share their experiences? Not many, but at Wealthy Affiliate the community of marketers are very active and happy to assist and mentor you.

~   Domains–You can purchase as many domains as you’d like, and they’re $13.99 a year. I have ideas to keep my business growing and have purchased domains that I love. Not only do I have them for whenever I want to start another segment of my business, but they keep me motivated to start something new!

To see all the features that you get with Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my full review. The value that you get in their premium program is unparalleled in the industry, and seeing everything they have to offer without even putting down a credit card is the icing on the cake! 

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Who Has the Best Website Hosting Services? Wealthy Affiliate!

When you’re looking to start your online business, I recommend that you spend some time looking over all of your options. Just remember to compare apples to apples since many cheaper platforms charge extra for a lot of the features that are standard with Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’d like to take a look at the platform, just click on the link below to see everything they have to offer!

Do you have any experience with the SiteRubix hosting platform or any questions or comments? We’d love to see you share them below!


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