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Website headlines like this definitely grab your attention. Several years ago when I wanted desperately to believe there was easy big money to be made online, I would’ve clicked on this in a heartbeat!

This is from Five Minute Profit Sites, or FMPS, and they claim to have “secret” software that will make you thousands of dollars a day in less than a week. Too good to be true? Yes! I’m so glad you’re researching this program before spending a dime with this software program!

What Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

Five Minute Profit Sites is a program owned by a woman named Sam Smith (it’s unlikely that she is real), and you can access it through their website You can watch a video or read a transcript that tells you how you can get a free license to use their program.  

This program uses the real business model of affiliate marketing to make you think that their system is legit. They tell you how they’ve found a way to exploit a loophole in a secret industry that’s a goldmine hidden away from the public. In fact, it’s so controversial and shockingly profitable that you’re not supposed to show the video to anyone–she’s deadly serious!

This was the first clue that we’re not dealing with a legitimate money-making opportunity here. Knowing what it takes to be successful with legitimate affiliate marketing and after reviewing many of these programs, I don’t recommend that you waste any time or money with Five Minute Profit Sites, and I’ll detail why.

How Five Minute Profit Sites Works

In the video, they do a live demonstration of the 3 steps to get started with their program:

1. Set up your Clickbank account

2. Set up your domain

3. Subscribe to the Aweber email service

Once you have these 3 things in place, their software will set up your website, find products to sell, and then “hold your hand” and show you how to bring thousands of visitors to your website.

Your website is actually just a landing page that is not unique where you will have to try to promote other Clickbank products. This landing page has nothing that will get it ranked in any of the search engines. No ranking=No traffic and No traffic=No Sales!

As far as the software showing you how to bring traffic to your site, it will be with paid traffic or traffic networks. Paid traffic can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to bring enough potential visitors to your site to make any money.

Traffic networks can bring visitors to you, but your conversions will be extremely low since they’re not traffic targeted to what you are trying to sell.

Email marketing is also part of the plan to bring traffic. But if you don’t already have a large list, you will still have to rely on the 2 methods above to drive visitors to your site.

They do promote trying to get free traffic, but it’s with methods that are outdated or bad, like putting your link in comments on other websites and social media sites. That is total spamming and will get you nowhere but penalized.

They explain the process of affiliate marketing, but their method is not the way successful affiliate marketing works!

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Highly Exaggerated Income Claims

A good portion of their video and transcript was dedicated to “proving” to you how much money they were making with this program every day. They show report after report with dates and thousands of dollars of income that supposedly was earned with this program.

In fact, they even create an account and show you how they came back a week later to see that it had earned over $3,000 in six day working 23 minutes a day! There’s no way to verify how any of the earnings were made or if they were legitimate at all.

No successful internet marketer will ever tell you that you can make that kind of money that fast with affiliate marketing.

It’s ironic that they warn you about scams and how anyone who tells you that you can make a million dollars in a month is blatantly lying to you. Yet, in another part they say you can make insane amounts of money with this program–$538,000 in just 6 weeks!

They want you to believe that their income claim is real, but if it goes up to a million in a month, it’s obviously a scam, lol! Highly exaggerated income claims is a strong sign that you’re dealing with a scam, and this definitely qualifies.

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Claim of Free Software, But You Have To Pay

Throughout their sales pitch, you are constantly told that you will be getting a license to their secret software for free, even though they claim it’s a $497 value. There are three big problems with their claim of “free” software:

The first problem with this is that you have no idea what their software is or what it does, so how can you know it has any value at all, much less $497.

The second problem is that it’s not free! You get it free but, only if you pay a $37 fee for hosting the website they make for you. You can’t use their program if you don’t pay their hosting fee.

The third problem is that you have to subscribe to the Aweber email subscription service at $19 a month. No subscription, then you can’t use their program.

Nothing about the program is free!

Upsells Are Pricey And Poor Quality

Whenever I realize a site sounds too good to be true, I always look for how the program owners are really making money from you. Sure enough, you will get pressured to purchase 3 upsells, and these are not any better quality than the original software.

  • FMPS Faster Profits–$197
  • FMPS Double Your Profit Sites–one for $187 and one for $137
  • FMPS Traffic Tsunami–$97

All total, Five Minute Profit Sites wants to sell you $655 worth of products that provide a low quality landing page and outdated training on how to drive traffic to your site. By the time you add this to the cost for paid ads and paid traffic sources, you can see how easily people can get taken in for a great deal of money and no profit!

This program is very similar to another one at Clickbank that I reviewed recently, the 30 Day Success Club. It’s another site that provides no value that you need to stay away from.

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Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Here at Build Your Early Retirement, we give Five Minute Profit Sites our lowest rating of 1 out of 5. Whether it qualifies as an actual scam may be up for debate. But there’s no doubt in our mind that you need to steer clear of this program and find a legitimate platform where you can start your online business.

My #1 recommendation is where I host all my sites, receive top quality training, and have access to a very active community forum. You can create 2 websites, receive training, and access their awesome community of mentors under their starter membership with no credit card required.

My full review will show you the definite difference between a highly-rated legitimate platform and programs like Five Minute Profit Sites!

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Have you had any experience with Five Minute Profit Sites? Is there a program you’d like us to review for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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