Make Millions Online Automatically! It’s a great headline for a program called Money Looper, and I knew it was bound to get a lot of people clicking through to listen to the sales video.

But can you make millions of dollars with a software that is supposed to find hidden money loops in the systems of internet “gurus”? This is one of the most disappointing programs I’ve ever seen–check out why in my full review below!

What Is Money Looper?

Money Looper is a make-money-online program created by a man named Michael Dee. You can access it at, and the cost is $37.

Michael Dee states in the sales video that the Money Looper is a really simple and ingenious system that it’s nearly impossible not to make money with. In fact, he’s guaranteeing that you will earn $70 at the end of the video!

He goes into great detail in the video about how he and his wife went deep into debt after he lost his janitor job at a school for eating a wrapped sandwich that had been thrown in the garbage.

Then, because of the greedy millionaire gurus out there, his wife spent the last $1,000 on their last credit card on another scam and put them in an additional $8,500 in debt. (No, that doesn’t make sense to me either!)

The whole long, drawn out (ridiculous) story is to convince you that he was driven to create Money Looper as a way to stop all of these evil gurus who scam people.

Supposedly, he researched everything he could about one of these famous millionaire money makers and found a loophole in his system. He kept looking and finding loopholes that made money for himself, which took money away from this guy! (Of course he can’t name him for legal reasons.)

"Which is to stop these greedy millionaires""like a crazed version of Robin Hood"

But it took several hours to find these loopholes and he needed more people to do it in order to really stop the evil millionaires. So he paid software developers to create a software that would find all these loopholes much faster and enable more people to take money away from the big, bad guys. The Money Looper system was invented!

Now he wants you to know that this system is so powerful that it can’t fall into the wrong hands. So you must promise to never abuse it and to be sure and send him an email as soon as you start making money with it. (If you keep watching the video, he takes it that you have given your word!)

This sales pitch is one of the worst I’ve seen, and it plays off of the idea that the reason people don’t have a lot of money is because all the rich people out there are stealing theirs and keeping it all to themselves.

One thing that you don’t hear about in the sales video is anything about what Money Looper actually is! You’re given this huge story and then shown pictures of Clickbank accounts with hundreds of dollars in daily sales. Then you’re supposed to feel lucky because he’s trusting you with his precious software!Sales figures snapshot

In fact, he’s trusting you so much that if you buy the system, he’ll give you his personal cell phone number and a free gift! Here’s where you’re going to earn the $70 that he promised earlier.

Earlier in the video, Michael Dee stated that even if you had any doubts about the system, he would give you $70 at the end of it. Well, he really wants to sell his system for $97, but he’s going to use your $70 as a discount so that it only costs you $27!Sales video screenshot

Sales video screenshot

Yet, in order to get the Money Looper system you have to pay a one-time-only pitch in, as he calls it, of $37, not $27.

Instant access $37In order to show you what Money Looper consists of and to give you a full review, I purchased it for the $37. For those of you who have read many of my reviews, you won’t be surprised by what I found. But for the beginners that this sales video is targeting, you need to see what Money Looper offers!

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What Does Money Looper Offer?

When I got access to Money Looper, I was surprised to see that I was in the system as a Tester and not given a unique name and password for my account. Here is a screenshot of the Dashboard menu:

Money Looper Dashboard

There are 3 eBooks:

  • The 7 Secrets of Affiliate Marketing–Way too short and general to be of any use to a beginner.
  • Power of Article Marketing–Outdated
  • Affiliate Directories–Signups for Clickbank and a PLR site. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, which means you can download their content and use it as your own. Not a good way to get ranked in the search engines.

Then you have 4 items in the Tools & Updates section, which are systems you can subscribe to:

  • Business Vitality–Help with starting your online business, but it wouldn’t download
  • Squeeze Page to Bank Account–guide to email marketing, but it gave me an error that couldn’t be found
  • Extreme List Building–Another system about list building, wouldn’t download
  • Easy Ways to Market With Video–Guide about video marketing, again wouldn’t download

In all fairness, the 3 that wouldn’t download could’ve been because of something on my end, but after seeing the rest of the program I determined I wasn’t missing anything without them.

The Money Loops

Then there is a series of videos that show some of the Money Loops that you can use to make money. Let me tell you, my expectations were already low for this system, but they were way too high for what I actually got for my money!

Money Loophole using domains

#1 Money Loophole is using Shopify Free Slogan Maker and Picky Domains to make money by creating domain names. You register for Picky Domains and get 25 cents for every domain that gets liked by one of their clients. You get somewhere around $20 – $75 if a customer picks one you created.

You create the domain names based upon the orders that are place with Picky Domains, and you get paid according to the price of the order and what your rank is. You start at the lowest rank and 40% of the price. So if a client picks your name with a $50 order, you would get $20.

If none of your names get picked, you get a quarter for every one of them that was liked by a client. So where is the loophole that is stopping some greedy millionaire? Also, there’s no way anyone is making hundreds of dollars a day with this method of making money.

Money Loophole with cardpool

#2 Money Loophole is signing up with Survey Junkie, getting paid for taking surveys with gift cards, and then selling them on CardPool for cash. First off, while Survey Junkie is a legitimate survey-taking website, it’s very difficult to make more than just a few dollars taking surveys. See my blog post Can You Make Money Taking Surveys Online?

A lot of people sign up for a number of survey sites because many times you’re lucky to even qualify for a survey a day! At an average of $1 to $3 a survey, it can take you days or weeks before you ever make enough to get a payout. When you do, having to take less to get cash at a site like CardPool isn’t what you’re going to want to do.

Money Loophole using TV ratings

#3 Money Loophole is making money with a Nielsen app to have them track your internet usage. You sign up and register your device and get $50 a year. I’m not going to discount anyone making $50 a year, but the Money Looper sales video promised it’s system would be making us hundreds of dollars a day.

They recommend you sign each of your devices up under a separate account so you can get $50 for each of them. But even after doing this, the money is pretty insignificant. There are also reviews where people have complained that the Nielsen app slows down their internet service.

The Emergency Cash Generator

The next section of the Money Looper system is called The Emergency Cash Generator. In there you’ll find 6 videos that contain ways to make money online.

6 Emergency Cash Generator Videos

The information that you find in these videos is:

  • Too general and already found online for free
  • Outdated, some of the info is from as far back as 2014
  • Spammy or outright unethical

The 2 Emergency Cash Generator videos are about signing up for Cash Crate. Video 1 walks you through signing up and going through one of the offers that you can use to make money. Most are surveys and cash back from purchases, not much money making there!

I find it interesting that the narrator tells you to use an old email and phone number because of the spam you’ll get hit with if you use your personal ones. Not a good sign for how legitimate many of the sites are that you’re giving personal information to.

The second video talks about the Cash Crate referral system. Basically, if you refer new people to Cash Crate, you can get a commission. While you actually make more money that way, you have to have a website or some way to drive referrals to them.

The third video is about making money with Craigslist. You post an ad on Craigslist that promotes a program and make money when people click on your affiliate link and sign up. However, there’s a very big problem with this method.Pinocchio with a long nose

You can’t post affiliate links, or any links, on Craigslist anymore. So Money Looper has a secret way of getting around this. You post a fake ad offering to sell a product that is listed on a subscription site.

Then when someone clicks on your ad, it says that the product is for sale on a subscription site. If they subscribe to the site, you get paid a commission.

It’s completely unethical to market this way! To post the ad on Craigslist, you have to post it as an owner of the product or a dealer. The video gives the example of a government site for unclaimed or seized vehicles.

You post an ad selling one of the great deals from this site as an owner. Then potential buyers have to subscribe to this site to view or purchase the vehicle.

While you don’t have affiliate links in your ad, it’s completely wrong to misrepresent yourself as the owner of something in order to lure people to a site to earn a commission!

The fourth video is about methods to drive traffic to a website. Not only is a lot of the information outdated and spammy, but it can be found for free on the internet. Here are the methods they talk about:Summary of traffic methods

~ Article Marketing–You are supposed to write 500 word articles based on keywords that you sprinkle through the content, then submit them to article directories. Several years ago you could make decent money doing this, but now this is outdated. You won’t rank for these articles, so you won’t get any traffic to your links–which means no money!

~ Forum Marketing–You’re supposed to find forums that accept links and that relate to your product and post to each one of them 20 or more times without any links. Then you can start posting to them with your affiliate links. Posting affiliate links in forums is considered spam and will get you kicked out of most of them.

~ Video Marketing–You can make videos and put them out on video platforms. They talk about Traffic Geyser and Tube Mogul, which are both paid platforms, but barely anything about YouTube. Another example of how outdated the info is.

~ Blog Marketing–They discuss how to build backlinks and post to blog directories, then advise you to get a lot of information from Google searches because it’s pretty time consuming. No credible information here at all, in my opinion.

~ Blog Commenting–This method is considered spam since you’re supposed to comment 50 to 100 times on blogs related to your product and put in your affiliate link. They tell you to use to do this much more easily, but this website is not even valid anymore.

The fifth video is about email list building. This video didn’t give any useful information that a beginner could use to start generating an email list and make money, so it wasn’t useful at all, in my opinion.

The sixth video is about earning money on Clickbank. If someone wants to learn how to make money with Clickbank products, I recommend signing up for Clickbank University. You don’t need Money Looper to sign up, and you won’t get the information you need from the Money Looper system.

Facebook Article Sharing

The last section of the Money Looper system is Facebook Article Sharing. There are 5 articles listed that you can share on your Facebook page that contain Clickbank affiliate links. If anyone clicks on those links and purchases the product being offered, you will make a 70% commission.

One problem with this method is that you would have to have a huge Facebook following in order to generate any sales from these ads. Most people don’t have that unless they already have a successful online business.

A second problem is that you have no control over what products are being promoted with the affiliate links in these articles. While many of the Clickbank products are very good, there are some that are not–especially in the MMO, make money online, niche.

I would hate to find out I was promoting a low quality or scam program to my family or friends through one of these articles!

The Upsells

Before I got access to Money Looper, there was 1 upsell that was offered. Unfortunately, this is what came up with the sales video:

Warning message from upsell video

This is definitely not what you want to read when you’ve just bought a product. The upsell was confusing, and all I really got out of the video was that for $197, Michael Dee and his team would make $1000 a day for me.

Screenshot from upsell video to make $1000 a day

There was more of the same marketing as in the first video and more income shots that showed thousands of dollars a day in sales instead of hundreds. But still nothing about what I would actually be buying–I passed on the upsell.

Red Flags And Concerns

There’s a whole lot of red flags with Money Looper, so let’s recap them here:

Red flag~ Scammy Marketing–The whole sales pitch about being a Robin Hood and finding loopholes in the systems of the evil, greedy gurus to take money from them and stop them was pretty ridiculous, in my opinion. There is absolutely nothing about this program that has anything to do with any guru’s system or making money off them.

~ Unrealistic Income Claims–The “money loops” that are listed are basic ways of making money online. The lucrative ones, like affiliate marketing, take a lot of time, effort, and information than is given. The other ones make very little money, like taking surveys online. No one is going to be making hundreds, or thousands, of dollars a day from Money Looper.

~ Outdated Information–A lot of the information is outdated, and some could get you penalized by the search engines–like keyword stuffing.

~ Spam and Unethical Methods–Some of the methods taught in Money Looper are considered spam, such as commenting on blogs with affiliate links. Some is just plain dishonest, like posting an ad on Craigslist as the owner of a product when you’re not.

~ Low Quality Materials–The rest of the materials in Money Looper are low quality and too general for any beginner to actually take action and make significant money.

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Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Thumbs down

Here at Build Your Early Retirement, we give Money Looper our lowest rating of 1 out of 5. When we compared what was advertised with what was offered, it’s our opinion that this program can definitely be called a scam–which is something we don’t take lightly.

While there is information there that can make a small amount of money, there is nothing that isn’t available online for free. There is too much outdated information that will work against your success, and we can’t endorse any program that promotes unethical behavior or spam.

If you’re looking to make real, significant money online, you need a legitimate program that will help you become a success. It won’t be a get-rich-quick scheme, it’ll provide the best techniques that work today, and you’ll get everything you need to truly make money.

I recommend the platform where I host all my websites and learned everything I know about an online business. You can create a free website, get training, and have access to a whole community of online marketers–with no credit card required! 

Do you have any experience with Money Looper or making money online? If so, we’d love to have you share your experiences or questions in the comments below!

I'm Janelle, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of 5 angels (most of the time)! I started as a way to show how anyone can become financially independent and retire early. As I build out this site, I hope you'll comment and share your experiences as well. Good luck in all your endeavors, and may your success start now!

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