Who wouldn’t want to make $30k a month only working 30 minutes a day! Smart Money says you can and they can show you how. Can their system deliver or are they just blowing smoke?

My Smart Money Review will give you all the information you need to decide if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars. Keep reading to see why I think you’re better off taking a pass on this program!

What Is Smart Money?

Smart Money is an online money-making program created by Mark Foster. It was launched on August 20, 2018, on Clickbank, the cost is $37, and you can access it at SmartMoney.click.

There are a lot of claims made in the Smart Money sales video, but what you won’t find is any substance as to what the program is. Here are some of the screenshots from the video:


Well, I don’t know about you, but there’s a whole lot more that I need to know before somebody gets a hard-earned dollar from me! Unfortunately, how you make money with Smart Money is not disclosed in the video.Person thinking with a question mark

Also, the sales video is a bit different from most in that there are no pictures of the program founder, of the people he’s claiming have made thousands of dollars, and actually there are no pictures at all. Everything stated was what you normally hear from a get-rich-quick program marketing video, but no pictures of money or mansions like usual.

Doing some research, I wasn’t able to find much at all about Smart Money. However, in the video Foster talks about his Smart Money Methods. So I looked that up and found quite a bit of information!

The Smart Money sales video is just a stripped down version of the Smart Money Methods video. Smart Money Methods was launched 2 months before, on June 25, 2018, on Clickbank. Here’s a sample of the difference in the 2 videos that I’m referring to:

You may be wondering why any of this makes a difference. I’ve reviewed many make money online programs, and due to the sheer number of scams out there, I’ve learned to take a critical eye at anything that doesn’t seem to make sense.

There are a lot of programs that run their course for a few months. They either lose steam due to all the negative reviews or some get shut down by the FTC. But then they just pop up again under a new name with a new look.

So I have to wonder why, after only 2 months, I can’t find Smart Money Methods on Clickbank anymore, but I found the same program listed under the name Smart Money with a change to the look of the sales video. It may be very legit, but it still raises a red flag to me.

So now that we know what the program really is, let’s take a look at Smart Money Methods and see what they offer!

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What Does Smart Money Methods Offer?

I got a look into the members area of this program and found that the system is the process of selling on Amazon! Have you heard of selling on Amazon? Of course you have, so how is this information “extremely shocking”?

Here is what you see in the members area:

The Smart Money 1.0 is what you receive for your $37, and it is a basic guide to selling on Amazon. Here is what the system consists of:

This guide may be decent information on the basics of selling products on Amazon, but it doesn’t give enough information for you to start making money right away. And it certainly isn’t going to make you $6000 or $7000 in your first week like they claim!

Pretty much everything you get in this guide you can find out for free on the internet. Some things listed are also out of date.

For example, the Amazon aStore program was retired in October, 2017. For a system like Smart Money that was launched just over a month ago, it’s completely unacceptable that some of the information is over a year old!

While someone completely new to selling on Amazon may feel this information is worth the $37, anyone who is familiar with it will find it far to basic to be of any help.


There are 3 upsells with Smart Money:

  • Smart Money 2.0–sells for $197
  • Smart Money Pro–sells for $177
  • Smart Money Social–sells for $97

After seeing the quality of the main Smart Money program, I’m not going to spend my money on any of the upsells. By doing some research, I found the general consensus to be that they are not much more informative.

I was also able to find out from Clickbank that these are 1-click upsells! This means that you will not be taken to a checkout page or a page where you can get more information. When you click the button, they will charge the card you used for the initial purchase immediately. So if you do try this system, be sure you want to purchase an upsell if you click on it!

The total cost of the Smart Money program plus all the upsells is $508. There is nothing that I’ve seen in this system or researched about it that will make you thousands of dollars a day in my opinion.

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Red Flags And Concerns

A Red FlagWith so many programs out there claiming to make you boatloads of money online, you have to look at any red flags that pop up. With Smart Money there are a few you need to consider before thinking about purchasing this system:

  • Smart Money is a relaunched version of Smart Money Methods, a program launched 2 months before it. While this doesn’t say anything about the quality of the program, I have to wonder why relaunch under a new name? With make money online systems, you have to beware when you see something like that.
  • The outrageous claims of earnings is a huge red flag! Anyone who’s ever made money on Amazon knows that it can take months to build up your business enough to make something like $30,000 a month, maybe years. You are not going to be able to take the information you get with Smart Money and start earning thousands of dollars a month.
  • No information was given about the program until it’s bought. All the way through the sales video, you had no idea about what the Smart Money program did. They are marketing to people who are inexperienced or desperate to earn money online. They count on them to be dazzled by the thought of earning $30,000 a month working 30 minutes a day! Someone selling a legitimate system will be straight forward with their marketing and be happy to show you the value that you will be buying.
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  • The low quality and outdated material can be found online for free. You don’t need to buy Smart Money in order to get the information you need to start selling on Amazon.
  • The upsells are very expensive and 1-click! The videos in the upsell versions of Smart Money don’t give enough comprehensive information to justify the cost you have to pay. The fact that they want to lock in a payment from you quickly without even letting you go to a checkout page is disturbing. This shows that they don’t want you to have too much time to think about it or see more before you buy.

Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Thumbs down for bad reviewBuild Your Early Retirement gives Smart Money our lowest rating of 1 out of 5. Like other programs I’ve reviewed, I could’ve given it a 2 based on the fact that someone inexperienced may find the basic information helpful. But due to the 1-click upsells, I can’t give it any higher than our lowest rating.

A quality program that gives you value for your money and can truly help you make money online is anxious for you to see what they offer! The platform where I got my training and host all of my websites for my online business has a Starter membership for life where you get access to their features.

You can create 2 secure websites, there is a very active community of people from all over the world who help guide you, and lessons to get started–all with no credit card required!

The owners are confident of the value that they offer their members, and so don’t need to hide behind outrageous earnings claims. You can check out my full review which details all the features of the Starter and Premium memberships and see if it’s right for you!


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