The AZ Sniper system is advertised to make you $1500 per day working just 10 minutes a day. That’s over a half million dollars a year with no experience and barely any effort!

Those of you who’ve read my blog and other reviews know that I’m skeptical of any claim like this. So I took a look at this system, and it was no surprise that I consider their claims to be very unrealistic. See why in my AZ Sniper review below!

What Is AZ Sniper?

AZ Sniper is one of the latest make-money-online systems, and was created by a man named Stephen Ford. The program costs $37 to join, and you can access it at

The system involves finding a niche and selling products on Amazon. Here are some screenshots of the sales video to show you the claims made about what this system does:

While watching the sales video, here are some of the things that stood out to me:

~   You are supposed to identify with the founder of AZ Sniper, Stephen Ford. He tells you a story of how hard his life was as he tried to make money online and failed time and time again.

Then his 14 year old nephew showed him how to make money with Amazon. From there his system was created, and he wants to be unselfish and share it with everyone.

This doesn’t sound like it has any more truth to it than all the stories you hear about in other programs that I’ve given our lowest rating to.Hand clicking with a computer mouse

~   We are told that a one-click system is powerful enough to make us up to $500,000 a year working 10 minutes a day.

As an affiliate marketer who has a website that promotes products on Amazon, I can tell you that this is a far-fetched claim. It’s not impossible to make a lot of money with Amazon after a few months and years.

But those profits are not going to come in “automatically” by you making a few clicks every morning like the video suggests.

~   By using phrasing that AZ Sniper is a “verified system” that is “in conjunction with” Amazon, which is a “completely legitimate” website, it seems to me that they’re hoping to add credibility and make it look like they are partnered with Amazon.

This is not true at all, there is no partnership or endorsement of this program by Amazon.

Despite these warning flags, I purchased AZ Sniper so that I could fully see what the system offered.

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What Does AZ Sniper Offer?

After going through a series of upsells, which I’ll detail below, I got access to the AZ Sniper for $37. Unfortunately, the system that I purchased did not deliver the goods.

You see that Step 1 is to sign up for a free commission website with CoolHandle. This is supposed to be a fully optimized site that’s ready to go!

However, you have to sign up for their hosting fee and domain registration in order to get this site, which you have to pay annually up front. This is just a way for the owner of AZ Sniper to get an affiliate commission for everyone who signs up.

Then Step 2 is to sign up for a VIP Members Workshop. It’s supposed to show you how to earn your first commissions immediately.

But this is just a video promoting John Crestani’s Super Affiliate Program. Again, the owner of AZ Sniper will get a commission when you and anyone else signs up for it. Both of these steps are just money-making items for AZ Sniper designed to get you to spend more money!

So finally I was able to look at the program that I had just bought, and downloaded my AZ Sniper system. Here is the Amazon Affiliate Beginners Guide that I received:

To say that I was disappointed with the quality of this system is an understatement. Everything in this guide is general information that can be found on the internet for free. In fact, a lot of it can be found on my website where you’re reading this review!

Sometimes I can say that there is enough information in some of these programs that a beginner would get some benefit. But I don’t feel that there’s any reason to spend money on the AZ Sniper system when the information is so readily available online.

Without a doubt, there is absolutely no way the information in this guide is going to start making you $1500 a day or $500,000 a year. There is just NO actionable content–nothing that is going to drive any traffic to your site or make sales!

The Upsells

There were 3 upsells offered before I could get access to the AZ Sniper system:

~ AZ Sniper X selling for $197

After all the hype about the AZ Sniper system that I just bought making me huge amounts of money, now I’m being told that this upsell is a vital component to my success. Not only that, but they throw in numbers like $1,583,784.48 to really get you excited!

You don’t get any information about what AZ Sniper X actually does or what value it offers. But there’s plenty of talk about fancy cars and traveling around the world!

There’s even a pitch about how you’re not doing this just for you, but that you should think about what all that money could do for your family.

After seeing the extremely low quality of the original system and getting nothing but marketing hype about this upsell, I passed on it.

~ AZ Sniper X for a reduced price of $147

Just in case you weren’t moved to buy it the first time by talking about how you could make your family’s life better, you get a second chance with a $50 discount!

Marketing like this is an obvious attempt to appeal to those who want so much to improve the lives of their loved ones that they don’t see all the red flags.

This system is supposed to make me over $1.5 million dollars a year working only 10 minutes a day. So if that were really true, why would they be so anxious to knock off $50 to get me to buy it?

These are the kinds of things you have to ask yourself when thinking about purchasing MMO systems.

Needless to say, there is no more value here at $147 than there was at $197 for me, so again I passed.

~ AZ Sniper Plus selling for $177

Buying the AZ Sniper Plus system “will mean the difference between making a few sales on Amazon and earning more money than you know what to do with.” What!?!

Let’s recap–the original system is supposed to make me a half million, the AZ Sniper X is supposed to make me $1.5 million, but now I need to buy something else that will make me over $2 million or I’ll really only be making “a few sales”!

Enough said, I passed on this last upsell.

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Red Flags And Concerns

There are way too many red flags to consider recommending AZ Sniper, so let’s go over them here:

~ False Testimonials–As evidence that you can make big money with AZ Sniper, there are testimonials from people who say they’ve made a lot of money with the system. In one case, a woman says she made over $64,000 in just 6 weeks!

However, much like many other MMO programs do that I don’t recommend, the testimonials are not real and use paid actors. Here is one example:

This man says he has made over $1500 in one day and over $39,000 in 30 days! But he is actually a paid spokesperson who advertises on Fiverr:

You can see this practice of using fake testimonials to market MMO systems on several of my recent product reviews:

~ Misleading Profit Numbers–The profit numbers that are used by AZ Sniper are also false. The videos constantly refer to “profits”, but all the pictures you’re shown as proof are actually sales numbers.

Amazon’s average commission payout is about 5%, so you’re not making the figures show above in profit. At a 5% commission, the profit on $1614.80 in sales is $80.74, and the profit on $128,028.34 is $6401.42.

These actual numbers are a far cry from the profits you’re led to believe are real.

Now, if you’re thinking $6400 a month doesn’t seem too bad for a program that I bought for much cheaper, think again. The fact is that you haven’t figured any costs of getting the traffic for those sales yet.

The cost of paid traffic can wipe out those profits and put you in the red fast!

~ Poor Quality System–As I’ve stated above, the AZ Sniper systems consists of general knowledge about how to set up a website to sell products on Amazon. For newbies, I recommend getting the information free online instead.

~ Cost of Driving Traffic–No matter how great of a website you create, there has to be traffic to make sales. Free traffic takes months, even years, to see any results.

The cost of paid traffic can be hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to generate the kind of sales numbers AZ Sniper is throwing around.

~ One Click Upsells–When I went into my AZ Sniper dashboard, I noticed something peculiar. It was showing that I had access as a Platinum member:

Now, I’ve seen this before in a program that had 1-click upsells. So I checked with Clickbank, and sure enough, AZ Sniper has 1-click upsells!

This means that as soon as I click on any of the upsell programs, my card will immediately be charged for them! I believe that it’s set up this way because when people see that they’ve been upgraded to platinum, they will naturally be curious to click on the upgrades.

I do not agree with the practice of 1-click upsells and believe they shouldn’t be allowed because it’s deceptive in my opinion. I will continue to advocate for Clickbank to not allow this anymore.

Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Here at Build Your Early Retirement, we give AZ Sniper our lowest rating of 1 out of 5.

I don’t believe the program has any value, even for beginners, and most people will lose money trying to get it to work. I very strongly do NOT recommend anyone buying AZ Sniper.

If you are interested in making money online and not looking for something that will claim to make you rich quick, affiliate marketing is a great business model.

The program where I learned how to create a successful online business is legitimate and has a free starter membership where you can see all the features they offer.

If you’re looking to make extra money, you should consider a side hustle.  You can check out more about it in the following video:


I now have 6 websites hosted with them and still learn something new every day from their online community. You can read my full review here and see if it’s something that looks right for you!

Have you had any experiences with AZ Sniper or any of the other programs I’ve reviewed? If so, we’d love to have you share them or any questions you may have in the comments below!

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