You’re not alone in looking for the best way to make money during the coronavirus outbreak. There aren’t a lot of options when you’re subject to shelter in place orders and can’t go out.

But I can tell you what I did a couple of years ago that is enabling me to continue earning money despite the current pandemic. So how does that help you? You can start it today!

Start An Online Business

Affiliate MarketingWhat I did was start an online business, and I earn money every single month. Now my income is not controlled by someone else, I am totally in charge of how I manage my business.

During this coronavirus outbreak, millions of workers have been laid off or their hours cut significantly. Even with the stimulus benefits, so many households are struggling to make ends meet until they can start working again.

But my affiliate marketing business has not been affected the same way. I work from home and earn income with a business model called affiliate marketing.

Put simply, affiliate marketing is earning commissions by giving information and promoting other people’s products on a website. There’s no selling, no inventory, and no supplier or customer service problems.

When I started, I didn’t have any experience, and I didn’t have any coding or web design knowledge. But the great thing about affiliate marketing is I didn’t need them!

I found a program that taught me everything I needed to know about creating a website and promoting products. So even though I was a little worried at first about whether I could do it, I wound up making money and starting multiple websites.

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It’s Easier Than You Think!

For me, the aspect of creating a website intimidated me the most when I started out. But, surprisingly, it was literally the easiest part.

Technology today has advanced to the point that websites can be created in as little as 3 minutes! Check out this short video and see how quickly and how simple it can be done:


The other aspect of starting my business that I was worried about was my site’s content. I need to find answers to my questions, like:

What kind of information would I put in my website?

How would I get people to see it?

Would they be interested in what I had to say?

The only thing I knew for sure is that I needed a program that would teach me what I needed to do to get started.

Scam AlertBut years ago I had wanted to start earning money online and, due to being naive and inexperienced, lost a lot of money with a scam program. So finding a legitimate program became my biggest priority!

Luckily, my experience with that scam taught me 2 important lessons:

  • There’s no fast, easy money to be made online
  • Any program that promises you fast, easy money is a get-rich-quick scheme

Keeping that in mind, I finally came across a program that looked like it had everything I’d need. It’s Wealthy Affiliate, and with them my online business has expanded to 6 websites.

Let’s check it out and see if it’s right for you!

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The Program I Use To Make Money Online

The first noticeable difference I saw between Wealthy Affiliate and many other affiliate marketing programs was their realistic outlook.

When I looked at other programs, there were promises of making huge amounts of money in a very short time while barely doing any work. I had learned enough to see these get-rich-quick schemes for what they were.

But Wealthy Affiliate didn’t make any of those unrealistic claims. In fact, as I did more research, I found that their system promoted Hard Work + Time + Commitment = Success.

No promises of making thousands of dollars in a week or telling you that you can work 10 minutes a day and you’ll be making passive income for life.

Realistic expectations–that was a program I needed to check into further!

I was happy to see that it had a starter membership completely free of charge. A lot of programs have free trials that are very limiting, and the content is just a sales push to get you to continue purchasing upsell after upsell.

But I was impressed that Wealthy Affiliate actually let me create a free website and go through the first 10 lessons of their Online Entrepreneur Certification!

Not only that, but I got access to an absolutely wonderful community of marketers that are all there for the same purpose–to make money.

I followed the lessons and asked questions in the community forum. It only took me 3-4 days to realize that this was truly a legitimate platform with features that work!

There’s only one other membership level, no upsell after upsell. It’s their premium membership for $49 per month, and the value you receive is unparalleled in the industry.

You can create up to 10 websites on their world-class hosting platform, have access to their extensive training courses and live weekly training sessions, and much, much more!

I recommend you check out my full review to see all the features you get for an extremely reasonable price. You can start your first website today!

 Start Today And Earn Passive Income For Years

You may just be looking for the best way to make money during the coronavirus. But the fact is that an online business can earn you money for years to come!

How many times have you searched for something on Google and the results came up with website articles that are several years old? The reason is that those articles provide the best information in Google’s eyes.

Here are the 1st page results from Google when I searched for “how to prune roses”:

Google search resultsAs you can see, there is an article from May, 2011. So the person who wrote it is still receiving visitors to their website and earning passive income from work he did 9 years ago!

Unlimited Income Potential, But It Will Take Time

One of the biggest benefits of affiliate marketing is that your income potential is only limited by the amount of time and effort you are willing to put into it. In fact, there are many marketers who are making $100,000+ every year!
Time and Money

But I want to make sure that I’m giving you a realistic view of how much time it can take before you’ll be earning that kind of money. You can check out a good, general guideline at How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.

Since you won’t be making a full time income right away, many people choose to start their business as a side hustle. So you can create your website, work on it in your spare time, and make it your full time job when it becomes profitable enough!

Having an independent stream of income from an online business ensures that you won’t be completely dependent upon an employer to pay your household bills and feed your family.

Another great benefit is that you have another source of income to take into retirement or even retire early!

Have you been laid off or had your hours reduced by the coronavirus shutdown? Do you think an online business would help ensure an income for your family in the event of another pandemic or other global emergency?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below along with any questions you have!

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