An Online Business–One Of The Best After Retirement Jobs There Is!

The best after retirement jobThe question that I get asked the most is why I promote starting an online business as a big part of my early retirement plan. The fact is that  the benefits of an online business make it one of the best after retirement jobs you can have. Let’s see why!

Work From Home–Bye Bye Commute!

Illustration of businessman driving a carAnyone who has commuted to a job knows the hassles that you face every time you head to work and come home again. I’ve had to drive an hour and a half each way before, and I know many of you can identify with how difficult that can be.

After you retire, you don’t have to commute to your regular job anymore and won’t have those transportation costs. However, lot of people want to have another source of income in retirement to help keep their nest egg intact.

If you get a part-time job, you’ll want to stay closer to home, but that limits your job options. But, start an online business, and you will be running it from the comfort of your own home! Let the snow fly or the rain come down–it won’t bother you a bit!

You Can Run Your Business Anytime/Anywhere

Once you retire, you don’t want to be tied down. You don’t want to plan your travel or your family time around the schedule of a part-time job!

Woman using computer on a benchBut you can be as flexible as you want with an online business. You can work any time of the day or night, so your business will revolve around your schedule, not the other way around.

Want to take a vacation or go visit your children for a few days? No problem! As long as you can take your laptop and have access to an internet connection, you can run your business.

You’re retiring and deserve to do what you want to do. But if you have to tie yourself to a part-time job in order to make some extra income, you’ve limited how much you can enjoy the time you’ve looked forward to your whole working life!

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Turn Your Passion Into Profits

Whenever I thought about my retirement, I always dreamed about doing the things I didn’t have time for when I was working full time. I also knew that it was possible to take those hobbies and passions and earn extra money during retirement.Vegetables from a garden

What I wanted to do was spend a lot more time with my dogs, in my vegetable garden and orchard, and to create more woodworking projects. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really figure out how to make a consistent income with any of those activities without them becoming more work than I wanted to do.

So that’s where my online business came in–blogging! My first blog was in a niche about dogs and was inspired by an injury my German Shepherd had. The site was monetized with affiliate links to products on Amazon, and I realized how much I enjoyed the whole process.

I now have 4 sites, all of them based upon an interest or a passion of mine, and retired early. My online business allows me to do all the things I dreamed I would do when I retired!

Not Physically Demanding

Exhausted woman with shoulder painHow many people work physically demanding jobs? When my girls were young, I worked at a polyethylene plant on a rotating 12-hour shift that rotated from days to nights. We had to climb towers, turn heavy valves, clean out tanks, and more, and the whole thing was very challenging physically.

So when I started planning my early retirement and looked at my options for another source of income, I knew it had to be something I could do as I got older. Even if I developed physical conditions that meant I couldn’t walk far or started having back problems, for example, I would still want to be able to earn income.

When you’re running your whole business from a computer or laptop, you don’t face the same physical challenges that you do with other jobs. Combine that with the fact that your income potential is virtually unlimited with an online business, and you could be making money well into your retirement–no matter how old you are!

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Keep in mind, you’ll need to be aware of how many scam programs there are. No matter how good something sounds, you can’t make consistent, long-term income fast or by a few clicks of the mouse for 15 minutes a day. So be aware of anything that sounds too good to be true!

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Start Your Business Today!

I will always promote starting an online business as one of the best after retirement jobs out there today. With all the benefits that I’ve outline above, you can see that the benefits are wonderful. Plus, this business would work for anyone who wants to work from home or make extra money–not just for those looking to make money in retirement.

My best tip for you–start your business now and get it profitable before you’re looking to retire! Not only will that ensure that you will have the income in retirement, but you could also retire earlier than you think.

Are you looking for an after retirement job? Want to retire early? Hoping to earn income while you work from home? Then let us know what you think of starting an online business in the comments below!

I'm Janelle, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother of 5 angels (most of the time)! I started as a way to show how anyone can become financially independent and retire early. As I build out this site, I hope you'll comment and share your experiences as well. Good luck in all your endeavors, and may your success start now!

20 Replies to “An Online Business–One Of The Best After Retirement Jobs There Is!”

  1. Great article. Online jobs are an amazing way to work with flexibility. The hours are when you want and you can work from anywhere. However, it takes a lot of time and effort, especially in the beginning. Its no get rich quick scheme. If you work hard continuously you will see results but then again you have to be motivated enough for such a job! I love my online job, but I’m not gona lie, it has its ups and downs like every job!

    1. You are exactly right about an online job taking time and effort.  I recommend to everybody who is interested in having one that they start it now and get it profitable before they retire.  It can be done on their own schedule, even if they only have a little bit of time each day.  It will take longer to make money, but then they can truly enjoy passive income in retirement!

  2. Interesting article Janelle,

    I have been researching the online business opportunites for a while now and I have tried CPA marketing but I didn’t like it as it requires a lot of paid traffic and testing and optimizing. And it doesn’t really build a brand.

    I have been thinking of starting a blog to do affiliate marketing through reviewing products, but I don’t know what niche to go after.

    I am an Electrical Engineer and I am a certified Yoga Instructor. I like both fields but I am really done with driving everyday back and forth as you mentioned above.

    I want to turn one of the two fields into an online business through affiliate marketing. But the problem is that I don’t know how feasible it will be and which niche of the two should I go after.

    If I join Wealthy Affiliate, should first decide which niche to choose, or can I first start the training and then I will decide?

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback and thank you in advance!


    1. The great advantage of Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter membership is that you can join for free and get great training on how to start the process.  Tips for choosing a niche are part of that program, and you’ll get good guidance on how to decide what niche is right for you and how to narrow it down as well.

      If you’d like, you can also read my blog, What Is An Affiliate Marketing Niche And How Do I Choose One?  

      Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if I can be of any more help as you start your online business!

  3. Hi Janelle, your article is spot on. I’m a way off retiring myself, but I’ve started a couple of blogs and couldn’t agree with you more. There are so many benefits of having an online business at any stage and especially at retirement. Making a blog work for you is a bit of job, so it’s good to start early, learn the skills, and start building websites. Hopefully, I’ll never have to return to a regular style job:) I’m going to forward this article to my fiancé — he’s older than I, and is already finding his physical job too demanding. If I could just get him to start blogging with me, we could travel the world:)

    1. If the two of you could blog together with no regular job to tie you down, that would be amazing!  Good luck with your blogs and congratulation on your engagement!

  4.  I am too young to retire but I definately want to quit my boring day job while finding alternative ideas I found your website and thanks for sharing such cool ideas. I like the idea of work from anywhere anytime. I twould be a dream career for any age group and becoming your own boss is somethant that I always wated. Thank you for showing me the path to freedom.

    1. An online business truly is a dream job for many–including me!  You can start it any time and may find that you can retire earlier than you ever thought possible.  Good luck on your path to freedom!

  5. I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and intriguing to meYou did an excellent job of providing education and resources; The article was well written and easy to understand. I am just getting to kmow most of these jobs and i can say they are eye opener for me.

    Thanks for your indepth analysis

  6. My father is currently looking for something new to get into as he gets really bored throughout the days, he’s not the type to just sit around and watch movies all day long!

    He’s never taken on any form of marketing at this point, so how hard is this sort of thing to learn? What’s the learning curve like?

    1. An online business like affiliate marketing is not hard to learn as long as you have the right information to start.  I recommend that he read my blog post Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?  If he thinks it’s something he’d like to do, there’s a link to sign up for the free starter program and check things out!

  7. Hi Janelle, Thanks for this article. I have an aunt she is about to retire and I have been trying to convince to start an online business because i don’t want her to be like retirees who don’t have an after a retirement job. She loves fashion and kids and I’m trying to get her to start a blog on it with wealthy affiliates. I hope showing her your article will be enough to convince her. 

    1. With fashion and kids as 2 of her ;passions, she could find a great niche for a blog so easily!  It’s the best after retirement job there is and is so enjoyable when you choose something that you really have an interest in.  Good luck!

  8. Thanks for this future reference, as though I’m not yet the age of retirement but this post is indeed preparing me for a better retirement online business without stress. As seen in your post nothing beats the fact that owning an online business will definitely eradicate stress of finding a retirement job. I honestly find this post very helpful.

  9. Nice post. Online jobs are very very good for the retired ones. As you said it is not physically demanding and it revolves round almost everything else in your life and its enjoyable especially when your online business is based on what you love doing. So it would be as good as having fun and making money. Thanks again for the post

  10. I really love that I don’t have to commute to work anymore. I made a conscious decision a few years ago that I was going to make money purely from my passions, talents and interests, and that is what I have been doing ever since. I will admit, I am wearing many hats, but little by little I am learning to streamline in order to find more flow with it. I agree with all your points about the benefits of having an online business. The one thing I would say though, that even though it is not physically demanding compared to many other jobs out there, in my experience it has become physically demanding in another way. For example, the hours of sitting can take a toll not just on your physical health, but also mental health. It becomes more important than ever to be conscious about staying fit once you start and online business and transition into doing it full time. My posture has suffered and have had more aches and pains in lower back and neck. So, I have stepped up m fitness and over all movement to combat this. I think it is something that is not talked much about in the online space, but it can eventually have in impact on your bottom line if you are not conscious about it. But, other than that, it is great! I’d choose it over having to constantly negotiate with a boss any time. 🙂

    1. That’s a great point to bring up!  Sitting at a laptop a lot more can definitely impact your overall health if you’re not staying active other ways.  I have 2 white German Shepherds who love to go run on our property, and getting out with them every couple of hours or so has really helped me along with more time on the treadmill.

      You’re right, it isn’t something that gets brought up very often, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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