Voice Cash Pro is the latest make money from home program that claims you can make almost $10,000 a week working only 30 minutes a day by using your voice! Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, just like so many others, this program doesn’t live up to its promises, and the likelihood of many people losing money is just as good a possibility as them making any. Read my full Voice Cash Pro review below to see why you need to know what you’re getting into before starting your voice over career.

What Is Voice Cash Pro?

Voice Cash Pro is a program that teaches you how to start a career doing voice over work. It was created by a woman named Monica White, and the cost is a one-time fee of $37. You can access the program at VoiceProfitSystem.com.

The sales video for this program gives you basically the same song and dance that other programs do that promise big money for little effort. Unfortunately, it doesn’t ring any more true than others that I’ve reviewed recently:

You’re shown several people who have supposedly made a great deal of money using the Voice Cash Pro. However, I’ve seen these people before–they’re paid spokespersons from Fiverr who receive payment for reading a script that they made money with this program. Here’s a couple of them:











If a program is legitimate, they don’t need to provide false testimonials. People who buy their program will make money as claimed because their system has value and works.

The Voice Cash Pro system is basically supposed to provide you everything you need in order to make huge amounts of money by doing voiceovers. You only need your laptop or mobile phone to make up to $1000 a day!

You are shown what looks like earnings that have been made from the system, and they’re large enough for newbies to be impressed:








Throwing around big numbers is the way that every low quality or scam program markets their system. You are supposed to be so dazzled by the money they claim you can make, that you won’t look too close at the fact that it looks too good to be true.

Not only are the earnings claims huge, but you’re supposed to be able to make them with very little time and effort:

If you’re a regular reader of my reviews here at Build Your Early Retirement, you know that it takes time and hard work to make money online. Claims of outrageous earnings that are fast and easy are simply going to be false.

Do you think that someone is going to sell a system that can make you over a half million dollars in earnings for $37? It doesn’t work that way.

In order to fully evaluate the Voice Cash Pro system, I purchased it and went over all the materials. Below I’ll detail what the program consists of.

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What Does Voice Cash Pro Offer?

The Voice Cash Pro system consists of the following materials:

~ Automated Voiceover Success–This is a report that tells you about using Audacity and NaturalReaders.com to record scripts without you having to use your own voice.

~ Important Tips Before You Start Voiceover–Here you get a list of 9 basic terms and conditions that you should consider when starting voiceovers. This list is indeed very basic, and unfortunately, doesn’t contain much information that you can take action on.

An example is that you are supposed to find out what your voiceover will be used for and where it will be heard. Then you use that information to help determine the price you charge. So if it’s a regional commercial vs a narration for a YouTube video, how do you use this information to charge your clients?

~ Essential Voiceover Tools To Get Started–This guide shows you what tools you will need to do your voiceover work. However, according to the sales video, the only items I needed to do this were my laptop or mobile phone!

Now you find out that you need the following essential tools as well:

  • Voiceover Microphone
  • Studio Headphones
  • Microphone Stand
  • Shock Mount
  • Pop Filters
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Recording Software
  • Various Productivity Programs
  • Various Marketing Tools
  • Various Business/Finance Software Tools

While some of the various tools are inexpensive, the fact is that you will need to put out some cash for essential items that were not disclosed before buying the system. Some of the equipment, such as a microphone and studio headphones, can be very pricey to get the quality results that any client will be looking for.

~ The Best Social Media Voiceover Gigs–This guide shows you how to use social media and search engines to find voiceover gigs. But again, this is an overview that gives general information that inexperienced people would have problems following and getting results.

You’re told to reach out to people and start building a relationship with them. You are to follow people, like them, and comment on their blogs. Then you email them when the time is right, but you can’t come off spammy.

If you’re not experienced at marketing yourself on social media, this guide won’t teach you enough to do it. If you are experienced with marketing on social media, you don’t need Voice Cash Pro’s guide because it is too general.

~ The Best Website For Voiceover Gigs–Here you’ll find a list of places where you can find voiceover gigs, but most of them are programs that you have to pay to join! There are a couple, like Fiverr or Upwork, where you post your services and they take a fee whenever you get a gig.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get work from any of these sites, and here are more undisclosed costs that you’ll need to pay to try to be successful.

~ Negotiate The Highest Voiceover Rate–This guide is negotiating tips for what you’ll charge you clients. But they don’t mean anything if you don’t know enough to understand what you’re even charging for! Nothing in this guide will do a beginner any good without the experience to understand what you’re actually negotiating.

~ An Audio File That Would Not Play–This audio file would not play for me, and I got a message that it was a corrupt file. I had seen enough of the other materials to know what the program covered. So I don’t believe this audio file would’ve contained any information to change my rating in this review.

None of the information in Voice Cash Pro actually taught you how to do voiceover work! Even if you were to follow all the instructions and get a voiceover job. How would you know how to actually perform the voiceover, edit it, and get it packaged and sent to your client?

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The Upsells

Before I gained access to the Voice Cash Pro system, there were a couple of upsells offered:

~ Voice Profits Insider, selling for $47–This upgrade is supposed to be a copy and paste system that is faster and easier. It has all the tools, software, and templates to start making thousands of dollars. In fact, they claim that “you will see big fat cheques rolling in real fast”.

However, you’re shown more false testimonials from paid spokespersons, such as this one:









Voice Profits Insider claims to be a program that will find you the best types of clients and niches to sell your voice services to. You are supposed to be able to grow your revenue up to 7 figures!

Since the original program was not the kind of quality that would enable you to earn the income claimed, I did not purchase this upsell. When you decline the offer, you are given the chance to get a discount and pay only $24 for Voice Profits Insider.

Does it make sense that they want you to buy a system that could legitimately make you up to $1,000,000 so badly that they’re willing to sell it for just $24–almost begging you to buy it? No, and I declined again.

~ The G.O.O. D. Club, selling for $97–This upsell is The Get Out Of Debt Club, and is a series of three programs:

  • Profit Genesis–This is a low quality MMO program that is not recommended. I reviewed the 2nd version, Profit Genesis 2.0, in September, and it received a Build Your Early Retirement rating of 1 out of 5.
  • Super Charged Productivity–This is a system that you can buy and then turn around to sell under your own name as your own system.
  • The Growth Mindset–This is a series of books that deal with your mindset to help you be successful.
  • Power of Execution Checklist–I didn’t find out much about this system, but considering the other items that are offered, I don’t feel it would have any value for those purchasing the Voice Cash Pro system.

I didn’t see any value in these offerings for the $97 price, so I declined.

Red Flags And Concerns

There were a huge number of red flags with the Voice Cash Pro, so I’ll recap them for you here:

~ Outrageous Earnings Claims–Making up to $10,000 a week after 30 days working only 30 minutes a day? Totally exaggerated and not realistic, you won’t be making this money with the system that I bought.

~ False Testimonials–The testimonials that they presented in the sales video for both the basic program and the upsell were paid spokespersons that have been featured in other MMO systems that I strongly do not recommend! Legitimate programs would be able to provide real testimonials if people were making money with their system.

~ Poor Quality Materials and Instructions–The materials that came with my system were very general and were an overview of how to start a voiceover business. The instructions would not give someone the ability to implement them successfully without having experience.

~ Undisclosed Costs–There are many significant undisclosed costs with Voice Cash Pro, including equipment, software, and subscriptions to agencies that are supposed to have voiceover work.

~ No Instruction On Actual Voiceover Work–Even if you got a voiceover gig, how do you actually do a voiceover? It’s all well and good to do all the marketing and get yourself a voiceover job, but how do you do it? The information is just not there for someone to successfully handle the job.

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Build Your Early Retirement Rating

Here at Build Your Early Retirement, we give Voice Cash Pro a rating of 1 out of 5, and strongly recommend that you do not buy this program. I believe that there are way too many red flags, and you stand more of a chance of losing money than you do of making any.

You need a legitimate program in order to make money online, one that provides real value and tells you the truth–it will take time and hard work to be successful.

I recommend that you check out my #1 rated program and see what they offer with their free starter program–no credit card required! You can create 1 free website, get help from an entire community of online marketers, and get the first 10 training tutorials.

Do you have any experience with Voice Cash Pro or another make-money-online program? I’d love to have you share it or any questions in the comment section below!


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